Oh, Snap: Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

New garage door spring

Are you having trouble getting in or out of your garage? The culprit is likely a broken garage door spring. Garage door springs breaking is one of the most common problems homeowners call their local garage door companies about. When you consider the amount of tension these springs are under day in and day out, …

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Your Complete Guide to Garage Doors in Metro Detroit: Part Two

Garage Door Saleswoman In Front of Garage Doors with Text That Reads "Garage Doors Complete Guide Part 2"

We hope you enjoyed Part One last month. Now we’ll keep the fun going this month in Part Two. Last time, we went over the most popular garage door types and a handy garage door checklist. This time, we’ll explore why garage door safety is a top priority for homeowners and what the most common …

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Your Complete Guide to Garage Doors in Metro Detroit: Part One

Garage Door Technician In Front of Garage Doors with Text That Reads "Garage Doors Complete Guide Part 1"

From garage door types to garage door cleaning safety considerations, we are here to give you insight into the most popular topics regarding the most significant component of your home besides your roof. We hope you find this guide helpful as you navigate the garage door replacement process. Most Popular Garage Door Types There are …

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10 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

White Garage Door with text on Pavement saying Garage Door Maintenance

Now that the long-awaited summer is finally here, it’s time to enjoy it. From barbecues to pool parties to beach outings, there are many ways to celebrate the season. But for all those in-between times when we have to tackle necessary chores around the house and yard, don’t forget maintenance on your garage door.  Even …

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How a New Garage Door Boosts Home Value

Photo of a modern suburban home exterior with new garage door that is boosting home value

Adding a new garage door does more than just add to your comfort and convenience as a homeowner, it actually boosts your curb appeal and property value too. In fact, a new garage door is one of the best investments you can make, with a high ROI of 94 percent. In general, new doors add value due to their design, function and visual appeal. Check out these top ways a new residential garage door will increase your home’s value.

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Matching Your Front Door to Your Garage Door: Dos and Don’ts

Three car garage and beautifully landscaped yard of showcase home

The best way to spruce up your curb appeal without spending a fortune on renovations is to make upgrades to your garage door and front entry door at the same time. But you have to be careful how you pair these two doors. They have to work in harmony and provide an overall cohesive design …

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Is Your Garage Door Installed On a Slope?

A row of new town-houses located on a hillside

Garage doors serve as the primary entry point for businesses and homes, often opening and closing hundreds of times per year. They guard your family, home, and personal belongings, but they have to be installed according to the unique specifications of your property.

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You Backed Into Your Garage Door: Now What?

Frustrated young woman driver looking in rear view mirror scared of car accident. Stressed unconfident girl inside vehicle crashed parking fence or pedestrian. Safety driving and insurance concept

This unfortunate situation happens more than you may think. You’re in the car ready to leave for work. You’re in a hurry, don’t want to be late, and put the car in reverse. Problem is, you forgot to open the garage door, or it hasn’t gone all the way up yet. Now, not only did you damage the back end of your vehicle, you’ve dented your garage door too. Or worse, your garage door came completely off the track and is now bent and mangled.

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