Now that the long-awaited summer is finally here, it’s time to enjoy it. From barbecues to pool parties to beach outings, there are many ways to celebrate the season. But for all those in-between times when we have to tackle necessary chores around the house and yard, don’t forget maintenance on your garage door

Even in the dog days of summer, you can’t neglect garage door maintenance. After all, it’s the heaviest accessory in your home and can pose lots of safety risks if you don’t stay on top of things.

That’s why we offer these 10 easy summer maintenance tips that will keep your garage door in tip top shape all season long.

1.    Inspect Your Garage Door Hardware

Check out your garage door’s hardware and be on the lookout for wear and tear that could have crept in unnoticed over the winter and spring. Check over all visible parts and determine if any hinges have come loose. Maybe the track is misaligned or perhaps some bolts are missing. Take note of anything amiss. While there are some tasks you can handle by yourself with some simple tools and know-how, i.e., tightening visible bolts, there are other tasks that a professional will have to take care of, such as complex replacements or repair work.

2.     Lubricate Your Garage Door Hardware

Now that you have checked the hardware, you have to make sure it’s well-lubricated so it can handle the rigorous demands of summer. Lubrication prevents loud noises, such as screeching, when the door is opening and closing. You should always use a three-in-one oil type, rather than grease, when lubricating your garage door hardware.

3.     Wash the Garage Door

Just like you regularly wash your car in summer to make it look good, you should also give your garage doors (and the rest of your house) a good soak this summer. Wait for a pleasant day and get out there to remove all dirt, grease and grime. You don’t need anything fancy. Just mix some warm water with a mild household detergent, and then use a wash cloth or sponge to apply. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly and let dry.  

4.    Apply New Paint to Your Garage Door

Once your garage door has gotten a good washing, you should inspect the paint job. There are likely some areas that need a touchup or two. If there are more than a few spots in need of TLC, you may consider applying an entire fresh coat of paint over the whole door. Only use paint that is designed for garage doors.  

5.    Add Insulation

Garage door insulation is critical in winter, as we all know. But did you also know it’s very beneficial during summer too? With adequate insulation comes more regular temperatures for your home, which translates to lower energy bills. When your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, you save money in the long run. Proper insulation will make sure the heat stays outside in summer yet keep theair conditioning inside at the same time.

6.    Reinforce the Garage Door Against Storms

Summer storms and hurricane season can bring torrential rains and high winds. To brace against these effects, you have to safeguard your garage door against extreme weather conditions so it can withstand the impacts. There should be no holes or openings in the garage door, so take a look around to inspect for these. Add the right reinforcements to ensure your home and your family remain safe during storms.

7.    Test Your Garage Door

Testing out your garage door regularly is also important, especially if you don’t use it very often. You can do this by opening and closing the door to check that it’s operating properly. Look out for weird noises or improper operation, such as if the door closes when halfway closed or opened. These are serious safety issues that must be addressed right away by a professional. At the same time, check the garage door opener to make sure the sensors are correctly adjusted.

8.     Inspect and Replace the Rollers

Rollers are either made of steel or nylon, and must be inspected twice a year to ensure they’re not worn. They should also be replaced every seven years or more if you frequently use your garage door on the daily. Always replace worn, chipped and cracked rollers as soon as you notice them even if they are within the seven-year time frame. This includes removing and re-installing roller brackets that aren’t directly attached to the garage door’s cable system.

9.     Replace All Weatherstripping

Check the rubber weather seal strip on the bottom of your garage door. Is it broken, cracked or brittle? It’s important to replace it immediately to make sure the elements stay out of your garage. Weatherstripping is important because it regulates the temperature in your garage and home by keeping the heat and cold out. Plus, it keeps critters out as well. You can buy it by the foot at hardware or home improvement stores. All you have to do is cut it to size and place it into the grooves.

10. Get a New Garage Door

If, upon performing all these summer maintenance tasks, you find that your garage door is just too old or requires too many repairs to keep it going, you may consider installing a brand new garage door. Choose a company like M&M that has a vast selection of door collections, installed by trained and experienced garage door technicians. Quality materials, professionally installed, will ensure a long lifespan for your garage door.

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