Adding a new garage door does more than just add to your comfort and convenience as a homeowner, it actually boosts your curb appeal and property value too. In fact, a new garage door is one of the best investments you can make, with a high ROI of 94 percent. In general, new doors add value due to their design, function and visual appeal. Check out these top ways a new residential garage door will increase your home’s value.

1.    New Garage Doors Reduce Your Annual Heating and Cooling Costs

Installing a new garage door will reduce air transfer between the garage itself and the outdoors. Thus, you save big money on your annual heating and cooling costs. Go for doors with customizable, modern features and top-notch insulation to ensure better energy efficiency. Hire a professional garage door installer you can trust so you know the garage has been installed precisely and with a tight fit.

2.    New Garage Doors Offer Better Protection and Security

Most modern doors will incorporate the very latest in security and safety features. Because most garages provide direct access to the home, as well as valuable vehicles, lawn equipment and other high-cost items inside the garage itself, safety and security should be of paramount concern. Today’s garage doors are comprised of strong, durable materials and come equipped with the latest technology so unwanted guests cannot readily gain access. 

3.    New Garage Doors Improve Curb Appeal

Your garage doors can account for 30 percent of your home’s exterior, and are designed to flow in harmony with the architecture and appearance of your house. This has a big impact on curb appeal, which is the value people place on your home upon pulling up to the curb. Make your home pop with the perfect garage door and your whole property will benefit.

4.    New Garage Doors Increase Property Value

New garage doors will not only complement your home’s exterior aesthetically, they will offer smoother, quieter operation as well as more energy efficiency. These are all factors that home buyers are on the lookout for. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, you can’t go wrong installing a new garage now.

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