Plenty of parts work together to operate a garage door, and having reliable moving parts is the way to pass your home inspection. A home inspector will check the garage door to ensure it’s up to the local and industry standard. 

Additionally, your garage door should be durable and withstand natural elements. Whether it’s part of a real estate transaction or something you want to rely on daily, you want a garage door in top condition. This begs the question: can you expect your garage door to pass a home inspection? 

M&M Garage Doors offers garage door installation services in Michigan, with our team of garage door technicians who know that proper installation and door maintenance are an essential part of your garage door operation. Read on to learn what goes into a garage door inspection. 

What to Expect From Your Garage Door Home Inspection

Regular inspections are an essential part of garage door maintenance. By keeping up with routine inspections on your garage door, you can expect your garage door to pass a home inspection. 

It’s possible for you to visually inspect certain features of your overhead doors on your own. These routine inspections can help you determine any potential problems so you can make repairs before significant damage occurs.

A home inspector will check to ensure it meets all garage door safety and fire codes. Before scheduling your inspection, knowing what your inspector will check is essential. You can expect your garage door to pass a home inspection by keeping up with parts and maintenance. 

Requirements Your Garage Door May Need

You must learn about the requirements your garage door may need before getting one installed. Local codes help keep your home safe depending on its environment, including the garage door. Depending on weather and other factors, these codes may vary in different locations. To expect your garage door to pass a home inspection, consider the following features of an assessment.

Safety Features

Safety features like your photo-eye and automatic reversal should be working correctly. Heavy objects or vehicle contact can damage your garage door sensor. All garage door openers must have a photo-eye, so make sure you have one and it’s operating correctly. 

Automatic reversal closes your garage door safely, preventing it from crushing anything underneath it. However, once it senses an object, it should reverse its path. It’s an integral part of your garage door system and must operate adequately to pass a home inspection. You can test the garage door’s automatic reversal by placing a sponge or a roll of paper towels in its path. 

Garage Door Springs

In addition to tracks and rollers, the torsion and extension springs are vital to the operation of your garage door. Springs help the garage door open and close smoothly, so you should visually inspect them for any damage. 

Repeated daily use can cause your torsion springs to weaken, which can cause your garage door to open and close rapidly. This situation is a significant safety concern since the springs are essential to your garage door’s operation. 

To test the stability of your garage doors, disengage the trolley and use the door in manual mode. Broken springs make your garage door feel much heavier than the typical 5-10 pounds of weight.

Weather Seals

Garage doors require proper weather and environmental seals that keep air, wind, and pests out. When it comes to wind resistance, weather seals block air from seeping in and affecting the door’s integrity. Air, wind, and rainwater that can enter your garage may prevent it from passing a home inspection. 

Testing weather seals is the most effortless inspection on your garage door. First, close your door and stand in the garage. If your garage is much hotter or colder than outside, or if it rains and you notice water on the ground, your garage door won’t pass a home inspection. 

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The overall condition of the garage door should be excellent to pass a home inspection. However, even if your garage door passes the above criteria, broken windows or peeling paint may still fail the inspection. Additionally, your garage door operators should function properly.

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