Garage doors serve as the primary entry point for businesses and homes, often opening and closing hundreds of times per year. They guard your family, home, and personal belongings, but they have to be installed according to the unique specifications of your property.

Garage doors don’t always have a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Sometimes your home will require a custom-fit door for efficiency, safety and practicality. If your property has an uneven slope, this can lead to several issues posed by sloped floors and driveways.

Properties on an angle are actually quite common in Michigan. You may have a slope in your yard due to:

  • Drainage
  • Architecture
  • Weathering or warping
  • Plumbing system placement
  • Cracks or separation of pavement

Sloped garages can be beneficial in the event of a flood, but you should have them inspected on a regular basis to make sure all garage door components complement the angle. Knowing the condition of your garage door at all times will help you determine the best course of action for maintenance, replacements and repairs.

How Do You Know You Need a Sloped Garage Door?

Even when the mechanical components of your garage door system seem like they are functioning properly, any gaps that exist between flooring and the door panels can be concerning. Here are some warning signs that you need a sloped garage door installed by a qualified professional:

  • You see gaps: If you see spaces between your flooring and the garage door panels, this could be due to an uneven slope. Your garage door technician in Michigan will inspect the angle of your floors and come up with a solution.
  • Weather damage has occurred: Uneven garage flooring can make your home vulnerable to inclement weather. If you see gaps the size of a quarter, this is enough for wind and rain to get into your garage.
  • You’ve got rodents: Rats and mice will try to get into your garage in search of warmth, shelter and food. If you see rodent droppings or bite marks, you will need to seal gaps between panels and flooring.
  • You’ve had attempted burglaries: Thieves love garage doors with gaps, as it makes it easier for them to gain entry. Custom garage door installation to accommodate sloped floors will improve the security of your home.
  • The garage doors are off the track: Uneven flooring strains garage door components if they aren’t configured to the right angle. As a result, they can easily get off track.

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