Your garage door may go up and down thousands of times a year…that’s a lot of wear and tear not only on the door but on the garage door opener that powers it. If you’re like many people, there may have come a time when you went to press the opener to get inside your garage only to find it doesn’t work.

But with such frequency and usage, it stands to reason that your opener will encounter some problems here and there. Here are some of the most common garage door opener questions posed by homeowners just like you.

1.  Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Remote Working Properly?

There are many reasons why your garage door opener remote is malfunctioning. From dead batteries to the need for reprogramming, there are a few things you can try before calling a garage door technician. Stand closer to the door or pull your car up closer, as many openers don’t have such great long-distance range. If you’re too far away, there may be an interruption in the signal between the remote and the opener.

If you’re close enough and that still doesn’t do the trick, put fresh batteries in the remote. Still won’t work? Reprogram the remote to the garage door opener so they can re-sync. Check your owner’s manual to find out how to do this with your particular model.

2.  Why Isn’t the Garage Door Wall Switch Working?

This could have something to do with the wiring. Or, it could simply be that the door was accidentally locked. For wall-mounted openers, try reprogramming the pad or double checking that the locked mode hasn’t been accidentally triggered. Just as there is a manual lock on the garage door, the opener also features a locking mechanism that can be engaged and disengaged via a separate lock button. You may also want to try holding down the opener button for a few seconds.

If these things don’t work, there is likely a wiring malfunction, in which case you’ll need the expertise of a garage door technician.

3.     I’ve Tried Everything But Nothing is Working. What Else Could it Be?

Once you have done some troubleshooting of your garage door and wall-mounted remotes and have come up empty handed, it’s possible you have a blocked power source, disconnected wires, stripped gears or an inappropriate sensitivity level. To the extent you are able, see if any of these issues could be to blame. There are other reasons your door may not be opening, aside from issues with the opener:

  • Disengagement of garage door from the opener
  • Misaligned garage door track
  • Blocked or misaligned photo eye sensors
  • Broken garage door cables or springs
  • Object physically blocking the door

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