Repairs are inevitable when it comes to your garage doors, especially as they get on in years. But you can keep the cost and frequency of those repairs to a minimum when you engage in regular maintenance and upkeep. By keeping your garage door in good shape, you can attempt to avoid sudden, unexpected and expensive repairs later on.

The best way to reduce the cost of garage door repairs is, you guessed it: maintenance. Bottom line, it saves you money, time and hassle. But you have to be diligent about maintenance in order for this to work. You can do some of the smaller things yourself, but it’s smart to hire a professional garage door tech to handle the bigger, more dangerous, more technical stuff.

Here’s how you can reduce the cost of garage door repairs.

Perform Garage Door Inspections

Your garage doors go up and down thousands of times a year if you’re busy. That’s a lot of use that can wear down parts pretty quickly. You have a lot going on, and your garage door is probably the last thing you think about in terms of regular maintenance tasks. Yet because it’s one of the biggest and heaviest components of your home, it needs regular attention and TLC to make sure it can operate safely.

When you regularly check out your garage door, you’re more in tune with what’s going on with it. Listen to the sounds it makes, check for dents and things that just seem “off.” Is it not working as smoothly as usual? Make a note of these things and call a repair technician. They can likely catch things before they break down and require a repair or replacement.

Lubricate Garage Door Moving Parts

Lubrication of all moving parts will keep your door operating seamlessly. Just like a bike chain, your garage door tracks and springs need to be greased regularly so they move without jerking or going offline. Failure to properly and regularly lubricate can lead to grinding and damage. Apply grease to your chain and screws, and spray lubricant onto the springs. It only takes 10 minutes’ worth of work once or twice a year!

Apply Garage Door Weatherstripping

Your garage door develops small holes and cracks over time, which let in cold air in winter and warm air in summer. Plus, they also allow moisture to get in. Apply weatherstripping to those holes and cracks to ensure a consistent temperature while preventing the infiltration of outdoor elements.

If you follow these key maintenance tips, you can keep those unexpected repair bills at bay.

Contact M&M Garage Doors

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