Winter’s got its claws in us but it’s only January. We have a long way to go till spring! If you enjoy working or playing in your garage all year long (workshop, auto work, game room, man cave, craft room etc.), you understandably want to keep your garage warm during the winter – affordably. There are many ways to go about winterizing your garage.

Firsts, you have to prep the space. Sweep the floor to get rid of dirt, debris, leaves, mulch, insects and cobwebs.

Insulate Your Garage and Door

One easy way to do this is to add insulation and weather stripping to your garage door. This will keep drafts at bay and make it more comfortable inside the garage. In addition to insulating your door, insulate the walls and ceilings as well. You may also want to add clear plastic wrap over any windows to protection the room against the cold. Once a heating system is installed, you will want to keep that nice warm air inside so it doesn’t get through cracks.

If you’re not in the market for a new, energy efficient, insulated garage door, you can add insulation on your own in the form of foam boards, fiberglass, or reflective barriers. 

Add a Heating Source

There are many ways you can heat your garage, such as with electric space heaters or radiant heaters. Space heaters are OK if you plan to stay in the space while it’s on (some can be fire hazards). Get a robust model if this will be your sole source of heat in the garage. Radiant heaters are another option, as these throw off heat via infrared energy without the need for actual flames. Rather than blow air such as with a forced-air unit, they feature tube heaters that radiate heat.

Another option is to install a wood-burning stove. Before you do, though, check if you need a permit and talk to your insurance company to make sure the installation of a wood-burning stove won’t void your homeowner’s policy.

Finally, propane heaters are another option. They give off a lot of warmth, they’re mobile, and they are affordable. They should be set on a flat surface and far away from flammable materials.

General Tips

If your current garage door is old and not in the greatest condition, your best option is to replace it with a new, energy-efficient model. This is a smart investment, as it will not only provide warmth for your door all winter, it will reduce cooling costs in the summer. You’ll save money on energy costs, plus you’ll be more comfortable.

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