Sometimes you don’t know if it’s better to repair or replace your garage door. If it’s old, has had repeated repairs or is just outdated, you may think it’s time for a total replacement. On the other hand, if it’s relatively new and hasn’t had too many issues, a repair may be a better solution. But there are many factors that you should consider when making the right decision.

In general, most garage doors can last a few decades. But just because your garage door is old or has some rot or rust in places doesn’t necessarily mean you need a whole new one.Heed these signs that may indicate it’s time for a garage door replacement rather than a one-off repair.

When to Replace

1.    Your Door Doesn’t Have the Latest Child Safety Features

Older garage doors simply don’t have the same safety features that newer garage doors have. The best part about a new garage door is the inclusion of safety sensors that will stop the door from going up or down if an object is detected underneath the door. This can save kids and pets from getting trapped, as well as prevent expensive damage to your belongings. Yes, you can get aftermarket add-ons for your old garage doors, but it’s not the most cost-effective or safest option.

2.     Your Door is Old

This is the most common reason people switch out their garage doors. A great garage door will enhance the aesthetics of your home and property, but when you have an ugly and outdated door as the crowning glory of your home, you understandably want to upgrade to a new model.

Sure, you could add a fresh coat of paint to your old door, but that doesn’t help the overall style and functionality. New garage doors have modern styles and colors, plus they include better security enhancements.

3.    Your Door Has Suffered Weather Damage

Wind, rain, snow and sun can contribute to lots of wear and tear on your garage door. If your garage door has taken a beating over the years from the elements, resulting in rusting, warping or discoloration, you need a new one. Plus, over time, dirt, leaves and debris can get lodged inside the tracks, resulting in friction and track misalignment. 

4.     You’re Paying More in Energy Costs

No one wants to pay more than they have to on their utility bills. But if you’ve noticed a recent increase, your old garage door could be to blame. Because garage doors are one of the largest components of your home, it stands to reason they would contribute to a lot of heat loss and gain.

When you replace with a newer garage door that’s designed to be highly energy efficient thanks to its updated materials and insulation, you will soon start to see a reduction in your energy costs.

When to Repair

1.    Your Garage Door is Sagging

If you have a sagging garage door, chances are the balance is off. Because garage doors operate via balanced springs designed to reduce the energy necessary to get them off the ground, when that lifting mechanism has to work harder than usual to lower and raise the door, worn springs and sagging doors can result. This is a fixable issue by a trained technician.

2.    Your Garage Door Breaks Down Suddenly

If your garage door has suddenly stopped working, there is usually a repairable cause. You may just have to replace the remote batteries. Or maybe you need to add lubrication to the tracks. Sometimes you don’t know what the issue is but a garage door technician can easily diagnose and fix the issue.

3.    You Don’t Have the Money For a New Door

This is often the deciding factor for many homeowners who are torn between repair or replacement. It’s typically cheaper to repair a garage door than replace the whole thing. At some point, though, you will have to consider replacement. But for now, if your technician says they can fix the issue, you can simply start socking away money for a new one at a later date.

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