Your garage door works hard for you every single day. Up and down, down and up…throughout the day…every day of the week. That’s a lot to ask of such a heavy piece of equipment. All that wear and tear can take its toll after a while, which can lead to safety and failure risks. It needs some TLC every now and then, which is why it’s important to schedule regular service with a professional.

They can provide an inspection on a yearly basis, make repairs when necessary and even show you how to conduct monthly maintenance on your own.

Why Regular Service is Important

The main reason is to extend the useful lifespan of your door. Think of a garage door inspection like going to the doctor each year for your physical. It’s a checkup of sorts for your door, giving the technician a chance to test out all systems and make sure they’re in proper working order. If something is off, a repair can be made or a part replaced. Just like a doctor visit, a garage door inspection can treat problems before they get bigger and more serious. 

Perhaps a spring is stressed and about to break. The technician can troubleshoot that and replace it before it snaps and you have to wait for a service call to replace it. You can also save money because an emergency call is a more expensive one.  

How Technicians Service Your Garage Door

Because the garage door is the largest moving object in the house, it’s wise to leave any service and repairs to the professionals. They come equipped with a checklist of issues to be on the lookout for, starting with lubricating noisy tracks to assessing the overall health of your system. Their checklist may include:

  • Springs: Examining torsion springs for the proper level of tension.
  • Cable: Checking all cables for signs of wear and replacing worn ones.
  • Roller: Looking for signs of breakage or warping.
  • Door sections and panels: Searching for areas disrepair, which can affect garage door performance and safety.
  • Garage door opener: Checking that the opener works properly and ensuring a balanced door.

DIY Maintenance Tips

While you should leave the big stuff up to the pros, there are a few minor maintenance issues you can take care of yourself.

These include:

  • Checking garage door alignment: Open and close the door by hand after disconnecting the opener. If you have a difficult time, you may have door alignment issues.
  • Testing the “eye:” This piece of equipment tells the opener when it should open or close the door. If something is obstructing the eye, the door won’t do what it’s told. You can test this out by placing a broom in front of the eye. If the door stops, there is no issue. If it doesn’t stop, you’ll have to get that looked at right away to avoid a safety issue.
  • Cleaning debris: Make sure your garage floors and door tracks remain clean and free of debris.

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