It’s important to know the major components of your garage door for many reasons, not the least of which is so you can properly inspect your door throughout the year. This is a smart thing to do for any homeowner, as it catches problems before they become a bigger, more costly project down the road.

Let’s go into detail on the major garage door parts and the maintenance and service they require. 

  1. Sections: All sections of your garage door ideally start out beautiful, smooth and dent free. However, over time, those car bumpers, bikes and baseballs all take their toll, damaging just one section at a time. Most small dents won’t affect the operation of your door but large dents may.
  2. Hinges: These connect each section of the door together and allow the door itself to flex as it moves along the track. They need to be oiled regularly, or they can crack, break and loosen as the months and years wear on.
  3. Sensors:Photo eye safety sensors sit on either side of the door near the floor. One sensor emits a laser signal which is picked up by the other. When working properly, those signals will communicate seamlessly. If the laser is interrupted in any way, the door won’t operate – at least it shouldn’t!
  4. Tracks: Acting as guides on either side of the door, this is what the rollers glide up and down on. Attached to your garage ceiling, you need to oil these tracks as well and make sure no debris like leaves or dirt accumulates.
  5. Springs:The torsion spring is a metal coiled piece located right above the garage door that relies on tension to lift and descend your door. If the spring snaps or makes a squeaky sound, call a professional. Never attempt to fix springs on your own.
  6. Opener:These days, automatic garage door openers can be remotely controlled and monitored from your computer, phone or car – not just from the opener itself.
  7. Bottom Seal:This strip prevents leaks, cold air and other weather elements from entering your garage. However, over time, this seal can get brittle, cracked or loose. Fortunately, you can replace just the seal without having to replace the whole door.

Now that you’re familiar with the terms for your garage door, you can perform regular cursory safety checks and maintenance tasks. For an official safety inspection, book an appointment with the professionals at M&M Garage Doors at 586-610-5434.