It’s that time of year again: when homeowners get a whiff of that warm spring air and decide to thoroughly clean their homes and throw up the windows. While the living room and bedrooms may be your priorities, don’t neglect your garage. It’s probably in need of more cleaning and maintenance than any other room in your home.

That’s because it acts as a dumping ground for everything from junk and yard toys to tools and sports equipment. Clear out the clutter from the winter and heed these tips:

Create a Plan

Compile a checklist of sorts for tackling your spring cleaning project. Prioritize all the items you want to accomplish, such as checking the operation of your garage door, hanging bikes on bike racks, and tidying up the tool bench. This is the perfect time to schedule that garage door repair you’ve been putting off.


Take everything out of the garage that’s not nailed or screwed down. This will make it easier to assess the garage’s contents and decide which things you want to keep or toss. Make five piles on your driveway or lawn: Keep, donate, recycle, trash, sell. Not sure if you should hold on to something? Ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last two years. If not, get rid of it.


Now the real work starts. Wipe down any shelving or flat surfaces. You can even use a damp cloth to wipe down the interior panels on your garage door. Use a broom to clear the walls of dirt and cobwebs. Sweep out all the dirt, dust and salt deposits. Then, hose out your garage with a garden hose and gentle cleaner. Rinse with clear water.

Inspect your Garage Doors and Opener

Rinse the exterior of your garage door with a sponge using a bucket of warm water and some soap, depending on the material of your door. Always check with your garage door provider on the best way to clean them. Give the entire garage door system a once-over. Make sure the opener is working properly. Operate the door and make sure it doesn’t squeak or catch on the rollers. Spray lubricant to springs, rollers, tracks, hinges and pulleys as necessary. However, if you suspect something is broken, don’t attempt to repair it yourself. Always call a professional.

Contact M&M Garage Doors

If your garage door is in need of some TLC this spring, contact M&M Garage Doors at 586-610-5434. Our professionals can provide a full inspection and do any necessary repairs.