Your garage door seal provides a valuable service to your garage and home. This strip of weather proof rubber sits at the very bottom of your door and, when the door is closed, forms a seal with the floor. Having a properly operating seal will keep the heat in your garage in winter and the cool air inside in summer. You may already have an insulated garage door, but did you know that most of the conditioned air escapes around and through the cracks? So bottom line is, the protective properties of your garage door are only as effective as the seal that encompasses it.

Because your garage is basically an extension of your home’s living space, you don’t want it to fall victim to outside elements, such as moisture, heat loss and critters like rodents and snakes.

With the extreme weather we have in Michigan, now’s a great time check up on the effectiveness of your garage door seal. After all, your garage door is the biggest room in your house. Being properly weatherized through each season is imperative if you want to combat torrential rains, wind and snow that can pop up.

Here are some easy ways to check if your garage door seal is doing its job.

  1. During the day time, close your garage door and shut off the lights. Do you notice light coming in at the sides, bottom or even in between panels?
  1. Here’s an easy way to check for drafts. Take a long piece of light-weight, transparent tape and hold it over the door and each one of the panels. Do you notice the tape swinging? It could be picking up subtle air movements that you are not aware of.
  2. Take a good long look at the rubber seal at the bottom of the door. Even in new doors, the rubber seal is one of the first things to deteriorate, simply because it’s made of rubber which can crack and become brittle quite easily. Can you spot any cracks, deterioration, breakage, loss of adhesion or loss of flexibility?
  3. Inspect the exterior vinyl stripping on the outside, outer edges of your door. Do you see any spots where it has come loose? Notice any cracking or other damage?

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