While you’re making those New Year’s resolutions for yourself – lose weight, get fit, save more money – don’t forget to make a list for your home – specifically, your garage. Then, you can finally start using your garage as it was meant to be used. Increase its efficiency, appearance, storage and functionality with these six resolutions:

1.  Improve Security

Security should be a top priority, especially if you keep your car in there, as well as expensive equipment, tools and bikes. Install a garage door monitor, automatic garage door closer, cover windows, add lighting, and invest in the best door possible.

2.  Give the Garage Door a Once-Over

A smart and well-maintained door is vital in having a fully-functional garage. Give your garage door a good once over, inspecting it for safety. Your local M&M Garage Doors technician can provide a full inspection annually so you know it’s in the best shape possible for the upcoming year. Make note of any issues you’ve been having and get them repaired.

3.  Clean the Garage Floor

If your floor is peppered with oil stains, grime and dirt, now’s a great time to clean it all up. Stay away from solvent-based remedies, which are harmful to the environment and can damage the concrete, says Family Handyman. Instead, use a special garage floor cleaner and a stiff brush, and don’t forget to don safety glasses, long pants and long sleeves.

4.  Organize Your Tools

Whether you like to tinker with small electronics as a hobby or you’re a full-on expert mechanic, a disorganized garage is a frustrating waste of time. If you’re tired of hunting for the tools you need, get organized with rolling carts, metal drawer liners, hanging storage, bins, and drawer organizers.

5.  Upgrade to LED Lights

LED light bulbs offer many benefits over traditional bulbs, so one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to replace your old light fixtures with LED bulbs. Because LEDs use between 30 and 50 percent less electricity than fluorescent bulbs, you’ll save on your energy bills.

6.  Replace Your Garage Door Opener

If your current garage door opener is outdated, old, malfunctioning or broken, now’s the time to replace it. Have a technician take a look at it to make sure it won’t benefit from a simple repair first. Otherwise, ask for advice on the best model and brand of garage door opener for your needs and budget.

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