You may be asking yourself that question a lot lately, especially if your current garage door is getting on in years. You know just how much stress you put on your garage door, opening and closing it several times daily – not to mention the weather demands placed on it.

Making the important decision to replace your garage door doesn’t just have to do with age. There are many other reasons and common problems that could prompt you to get a new one. Ask yourself these questions:

Am I Planning to Sell My Home Soon?

Replacing your garage door will elevate the value of your home, so if you’re thinking of selling your home in the next year or so, you can add a bit more money to the sale price.

Am I Spending More on Energy Bills?

The fact is: older doors aren’t as energy efficient as new ones are, which means you’re losing a lot of energy out of your existing door right now. You may be seeing higher energy bills due to heat or AC loss depending on the season. If you replace your door, you will save money over the long term.

Is My Garage Door Ugly or Broken?

An outdated, unstylish, unattractive garage door can dampen the entire appearance of your home. Whether it’s worn out, stained, faded, dented or painted a 1970s hue, elevate your curb appeal in one fell swoop with a brand new garage door. Your family, neighbors, guests and potential buyers will appreciate this gesture.

Does My Door Not Work Right?

An improperly functioning garage door is inefficient, inconvenient and unsafe. You can avoid injuries and increase the ease of operation of your door when you invest in a new one.

Are the Contents of My Garage Unsafe?

Older doors are unable to safeguard the items you are storing inside the garage. Dents, holes and other problems with the door mean weather, pests and thieves can post a threat to the safety and integrity of your belongings. A new door offers renewed confidence in the safety of valuable items.

Is My Garage Door Not Secure Enough?

Your old garage door is likely not as secure as it once was, whether the lock is failing or the door is having trouble closing all the way. You can improve your overall home security by installing a new door.

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