As your premier garage door installation and repair company in Michigan, we get a lot of questions from our valued customers about the operation of their garage doors. As we begin the new year, we find it’s helpful to kick off 2020 with some knowledge and FAQs to empower you in making good decisions about your garage door.

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked, and their answers.

Q: Why Isn’t My Garage Door Closing Properly?

A: Your garage door may open or close halfway, or maybe it doesn’t close at all. Maybe you never know what it’s going to do! Most of the time, it’s a simple fix such as changing the battery. Sometimes, it signals a more serious problem that needs a trained technician to address it. Here are common reasons why your garage door is not closing:

  • The photo eyes on either end of the garage entrance are mis-aligned.
  • Transmitter batteries are dead.
  • Out of range transmitter.
  • An object in the door’s path (think: garbage cans, toys, or even a buildup of debris on the tracks).
  • Track is misaligned.
  • Limit settings aren’t set properly.
  • Door was manually locked.
  • Broken tension springs or cables.
  • Disconnect switch was enabled.

All of these repairs should be performed by a trained technician for safety.

Q: Why is My Garage Door Squeaking?

A: Squeaky, noisy garage doors are a nuisance, to be sure, but you shouldn’t just discount them as loud annoyances. There’s a reason behind their squeakiness. That noise may be caused by worn rollers, parts in need of lubrication, loose hardware, or an opener that needs anti-vibration pads. The lubrication is something you can address on your own (spray the hinges, roller bearings and springs) but you should always call a pro if you need anything else, like:

  • Inspection of garage door opener chain
  • Tightening of door and track hardware
  • Inspection and replacement of worn track rollers and hinges

Q: Why is My Garage Door Reversing Once it Hits the Floor?

A: This never happens at a good time. You’re busy and are late for work, or your teen needs to leave for school. When your garage door reverses after hitting the floor, it needs to be addressed immediately. If you leave it open, burglars, pests, critters and the elements can all get in. Here’s why this frustrating situation may be happening:

  • An object is blocking the threshold. It can be very small, so look closely. Even debris, small twigs and tiny objects can prompt the door’s safety mechanism to go into reverse.
  • Your “travel down” setting needs an adjustment. If your garage door doesn’t go the distance it’s been programmed to, it will re-open to prevent a safety risk or damage. Have your garage door professional adjust the setting to the new distance, which can change by accident by even the smallest variations in weather.
  • The limit switch needs to be adjusted. Similar to the above, the opener’s limit switch that’s responsible for determining how far the door is raised or lowered is out of whack.
  • The logic board has become worn. This is the brains of your garage door system, and its logic board will wear out over time. Call for a replacement.

Are you experiencing any of the above problems? Get in touch with the technicians at M&M Garage Doors and schedule your appointment for troubleshooting, inspection or repair with us at (586) 610-5434.