If you don’t really use your existing garage and have always wanted to do something useful with the space, why not convert it into a home gym? There’s never been a better time to do it. Check out these tips to creating the perfect home gym.

1.  Create a Space That Inspires Activity

Who wants to feel like they’re working out in a dungeon? No one. Sadly, many garages are pretty dim, so if you want to add a fitness space, you’ll have to add a lot more lighting. You’ll have to get more creative with the design to inspire yourself and others to get motivated.  

Adding plenty of natural light is important. If you have some windows in your garage or your garage door, uncover them and let the light stream in. You can also add some recessed lights with bright white bulbs. For decor, go with bold colors that will adequately set the tone for your workout space, such as bright blues, pinks and oranges.

2.  Create Plentiful Space

You have to make enough space so that all your fitness routines can be accommodated. You will want to separate them all into zones, such as one for stretching, one for cardio and one for weights. If you do this methodically, then you won’t have to navigate a cluttered, disorganized space to get the equipment you need.

3.     Add Lots of Mirrors

Just like in a regular fitness center, you need a lot of mirrors to create the illusion of more space – which is imperative in a small space such as a garage. Not only do mirrors make the room appear larger, they allow you to watch yourself workout and assess your technique. Do this along at least one whole wall.

4.  Protect Floors and Joints

No need to sacrifice your floors to your daily workouts. Put the proper coverings on them so you don’t cause damage, such as interlocking foam mats. Don’t workout directly on concrete or thin carpeting flooring, which can really do a number on your knees and feet over time. You may want to think about covering your existing subfloor with basket weave, made from soft woods such as maple.

5.  Add Storage

You’ll also need a spot to keep your fitness supplies, such as yoga mats, free weights, water bottles, towels, and more. Implement storage units, shelves, open cubbies and racks to keep everything organized. Consider bolting a lifted shelving system to the wall for added safety and to give you more workout space.

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