As we usher out 2020 enthusiastically, we look ahead to a brighter 2021. While most of us will make promises to lose weight, change careers, or eat better, perhaps we should be turning an eye toward resolutions for our home. You’re likely already aware of the importance of a healthy home, but what about the garage? Whether attached or detached, your garage needs TLC too.

Why not make a few New Year’s resolutions for the garage while you’re at it? If you’ve been meaning to boost its efficiency, functionality, purpose, or safety, there’s never been a better time to come up with a plan.

Resolution #1: Inspect Your Garage Door Regularly

If you don’t do this, you should. You can’t have an efficient, safe fully-functional garage without a well-oiled and well-maintained door. Make a commitment to inspecting it every few months in 2021 for safety and proper operation. You can do a once-over yourself to catch glaring problems, making note of anything that concerns you. But for a more in-depth inspection and resulting repairs, call a professional.

Resolution #2: Replace the Opener

Got a garage door opener that doesn’t always work, or that’s outdated and old? You should think about replacing it with a newer model. A garage door professional can inspect your existing one first just to rule out a repair which would save you money. If a new one is in order, your garage door technician can advise you on the best model and brand.

Resolution #3: Improve its Security

Security is priority #1, particularly if this is where you store your car, a motorcycle, bikes or expensive lawn equipment. Put in a garage door monitor and automatic garage door closer to discourage curious eyes and potential burglars. You’ll also want to cover windows, add more sufficient lighting, and install the highest quality door if yours is getting on in years.

Resolution #4: Get Organized

Disorganization in the garage can be very frustrating. Whether you use it to fix cars or work on your hobby, it can be time consuming to keep hunting for the supplies and tools you need. Make 2021 the year you organize your garage with drawer organizers, rolling carts, metal drawer liners, bins and hanging storage.

Resolution #5: Clean the Floor

Take a good look at your garage floor. Does it have oil stains, grime and dirt all over it? Get it cleaned up so it doesn’t pose a safety issue. Instead of solvent-based remedies, only use special garage floor cleaners with stiff brushes. The other stuff can harm concrete and it’s not good for the environment. Before doing this, put on safety glasses, and long sleeves and pants.

Resolution #6: Upgrade to LED

You probably have old, outdated and inefficient light bulbs in your garage. You should take this opportunity to upgrade to LED light bulbs, which use between 30-and-50% less electricity than fluorescents. This is a great way to save on those rising energy bills!

Contact M&M Garage Doors

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