Many of us are guilty of this: leaving your garage door open all day – or even all night – because we forgot or just didn’t think it was a big deal. However, it is a big deal and here’s why you shouldn’t do it.

Experts say that leaving a garage door open for long periods of time during the day or night can lead to harmful and unsafe consequences.


You may as well have a big Welcome sign hanging off your house when you leave the garage door open. It’s not only a point of entry for when burglars want to commit the actual crime; it’s the perfect way to scope out your belongings ahead of time from the street in order to plan a burglary later on. You likely keep a lot of expensive equipment in your garage and it’s on display for all to see, from mountain bikes and motorcycles to lawn mowers and snow blowers. 

You may think: that’s what I have homeowner’s insurance for. However, while some policies do cover some types of property, this isn’t guaranteed, and making claims can be frustrating and time consuming. Even if you have the proper coverage, who wants to have to go out and buy all new things? Sentimental value cannot be ignored either.


Neighborhood cats and dogs, plus vermin like rats, mice, squirrels and raccoons, can stroll into your garage at any time and set up shop. Once they’re in, it can be very hard to get them out. After all, the garage is a warm, safe and dry place for them to rest and have babies.


Even on the nicest summer day, weather can change very quickly. Let’s say you left your door open overnight when the weather was balmy…then you wake up to a howling rain storm, thunder and lightning. As you enter your garage, you may be met with debris such as leaves and branches, as well as water and even flooding. A closed door could have prevented that mess.

Keep the Door Closed

Even if you know you will be going back out again in a few hours, it’s always wise to shut the garage door. And at night, this is even more important. Make a garage door check a part of your daily and nightly routine, just like you check the front door lock. If you keep your garage door open all the time because it doesn’t close properly or at all, this is a big safety issue. You may need a repair or a garage door replacement immediately.

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