Rollers make the movement of a garage door go smoothly. Without them, your garage door would not move well, much less move at all. Most homeowners are good about regularly checking and maintaining the most visible components of the garage door; however, not many remember that their garage door also has rollers that can’t be neglected. They’re easy to overlook, but they’re essential to the operation of your garage door.

The garage door roller connects the door to the tracks, available in a variety of designs. They can stick and crack over time. Here’s what to know about when to replace your garage door roller.

Builder Grade Rollers

These are rollers that are bare bones and were probably installed when the house was built and garage installed. They’re made of hard plastic or steel and don’t have ball bearings. They’re not the highest quality, called builder grade because that’s what many builders choose to install garages with due to their affordability.

But they don’t last long. That’s why it’s a good idea to replace these garage door rollers every two years or so. Without the help of a ball bearing, these rollers tend to wear out quickly, causing the garage door to squeak. When you hear a squeaking sound, the rollers should be the first things you check.

Upgraded Rollers

These rollers do have ball bearings inside them, typically made of nylon. They are available in many different designs, usually an open or sealed bearing design. You should lubricate open bearing design rollers a few times a year to ensure they keep working smoothly. Depending on the type and design you choose for your upgraded roller, they can last anywhere from two years to a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Garage Door Roller Inspections

You should inspect your rollers every year (the spring is a good time). You’ll also want to lubricate them every four months or so, which will increase the lifespan of the rollers. Always hire a professional to perform an inspection, but here are some guidelines to keep in mind for your safety.

  • The roller shouldn’t wiggle and should properly attach to the shaft. If it is too loose and if it wiggles, it needs to be replaced.
  • Replace the roller if it stops spinning smoothly and you hear a grinding sound.
  • If the roller is cracked or nylon pieces are missing, replace the rollers.

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