If it’s been a while since you checked the weather seal around the edges of your garage door, now is a good time to do it. An old, brittle, cracked or sagging seal can cost you money in the form of energy savings and it can put your property at risk. Replacing the weather seal on your garage door is a small job but makes a big difference for homeowners.

A garage door weather seal is comprised of heavy duty vinyl that fits around the top, bottom and sides of the garage door. This seal with close any gaps that exist between the garage and the door. It also protects the interior of your garage as well as the floor. Weather seals are made from strong, sturdy vinyl that’s designed to work in harsh environments for a long time. However, eventually, all weather stripping breaks down and needs to be replaced.

Over the years, this seal experiences wear and tear from repeated opening and closing of the door. On top of that, the weather on the outside can break it down too.

Check the Seal Regularly

Check your weather seal on a regular basis, even through the winter. If you notice that your weather seal is cracking, sagging or failing to stick tight to the garage door frame, you should have it replaced by a professional. At the same time, check the frame around the garage door. If it’s damaged, the seal can’t stick properly, which means you’ll have to fix the frame prior to weather seal replacement.

Benefits of a Weathertight Seal

There are many reasons why you should make sure your garage door seal is working as it should. A weathertight seal:

  • Protects Your Vehicles: A weather seal prevents dust, pollen, and debris from blowing into your garage and sticking to your cars. And, when it rains or snows, a weather seal will keep water that is pooling in the driveway from leaking into your garage and reaching the vehicles inside.
  • Protects Your Garage Door: Doors are expensive to install and replace, particularly with multi-car garages. The repeated motion of opening and closing the door can damage the structural integrity of the door as the bottom hits the concrete floor over and over. The addition of a weather seal to the bottom edge of the door will protect it from this impact.
  • Protects Your Stuff: A weather seal will provide protection to the boxes, tools and equipment stored inside your garage. Without an adequate seal, cold and hot air, water, pollen, debris and dirt can infiltrate from the outside. If you have clothes, furniture or other household items in your garage, they will get wet, which leads to mold or bacteria growth.
  • Keeps Pests Out: Snakes, cockroaches, ants, spiders and other insects can get inside your garage and thus home by sneaking under your garage door if there is no seal there. Believe it or not, a garage door weather seal also keeps out bigger pests like squirrels, possums, skunks, and rodents that might be on the lookout for food or water.

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