Winter is tough on everything, from cars to homes and even to garage floor surfaces. Most garages are not heated, which means freezing cold temperatures infiltrate this area all winter long. That cold can do a number on floors, depending on the material. You can protect your garage floor this winter with these tips.

Weathertight Seal on Garage Door

How well your garage door insulates the interior has a lot to do with how your garage floors will fare. Check your weather stripping and seal along the bottom of the door. If it’s brittle, cracked, sagging or failing to stick to the frame, consider replacing it. A good seal will prevent energy leakage, as well as prevent rain, snow and ice from seeping underneath.

At the same time, check the frame around the garage door. If this is damaged, even the best weather stripping won’t be able to stick the way it should. Get it repaired or replaced.

Dampness, Humidity and Freeze Thaw Cycles

These three things are garage floors’ worst enemies. Water, snow, ice and mud that tend to lodge in your car’s wheel wells and on its underside can harm your floor – not to mention what comes off your boots. Additionally, frequent freeze and thaw cycles add to the increased risk of water penetration in the floor and subsequent cracking of concrete.

If you choose to add a proper garage floor covering, this acts as an added insulator against cold air, thereby reduce energy costs.

Cleaning and Repairing

The best way to prepare your floor for winter is to give it a good cleaning. By washing your concrete floor, you are removing any contaminants that may be exacerbated by the weather. Next, make any floor repairs that can’t wait till spring. At the same time, check the garage door itself for strong weather stripping, sturdy frame, and properly operating door opener. Make sure the tracks are well lubricated to ensure they work as they should. A door that gets stuck open in winter will allow snow and ice to penetrate the garage – the worst thing for your concrete floor.

Staying on top of regular door and floor maintenance will make all the difference. Do this throughout the year, especially at the beginning of each season.

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