Winter can be brutal on your whole house but particularly on your garage door. Many of us take the proper steps to wrap our bushes and shrubs, rake up all the leaves and do other winterization tasks around the property, yet neglect the most important component: the garage door.

Perform regular preventive care and maintenance on your garage door with these tips:

1.    Observe

Take the time to look and listen: observe your garage door in action whenever you use it. Does it move smoothly or with jerky motions? Is it silent when operating or do you hear grinding or scraping noises? Do both sides of the system (springs, cables and pulleys) appear symmetrical to you?

2.    Tighten the Hardware

The average garage door goes up and down more than 1,000 times per year. All that movement and vibration can take a toll, loosening the hardware. Using a socket wrench, check and tighten all roller brackets and bolts.

3.    Test Balance

When your garage door is not balanced properly, the garage door opener will have to work harder, which will cut down on its useful life. Disconnect the opener when you pull the release handle, then use your hands to move the door halfway up. If it does not stay there, the counterweight system is not correctly balanced.

4.    Inspect and Replace Rollers

The rollers should be inspected twice a year, replaced every seven years or more if you use your garage door repeatedly every day. Replace worn, cracked or chipped rollers as soon as you can by a professional.

5.    Replace Weather Stripping

If you notice the rubber weather strip on the bottom of your door is brittle or cracked, have it replaced to avoid energy leakage.

6.    Lubricate All Moving Parts

Proper lubrication will add years of operation to your system. All it takes is a few minutes once a year. Coat all moving parts in a spray lubricant.

7.    Check the Cables

Don’t tamper with the high-tension cables responsible for lifting your door, as they have enough force to seriously injure or kill you. However, you can check their condition so you know when to hire a professional. Be on the lookout for damaged strands or other damage near the bottom roller bracket.

8.    Clear the Tracks

Make sure there is no debris on the tracks, then use a level to check the plumb. Enlist the help of a pro to make any major adjustments to the tracks.

9.    Examine the Door

Don’t neglect the door itself. Check wood doors for water damage and warping, as well as chipped and peeling paint. Check steel doors for rust spots that you can sand, prime and paint. Wash your garage door with an all-purpose cleaner.

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