This is a question many homeowners face when putting on an addition. Perhaps you think you would like two single doors, but the contractor suggests you may want to try a wide double door for aesthetics. You are torn: which is best for your home and needs? There are benefits to both. Let’s look at some factors to consider.

Width of Your Garage

Whether you have an attached or detached garage, it should measure at least 18 feet wide by 22 feet deep if you will be parking two cars inside. If you are considering two single 8 feet by 7 feet garage doors, your garage should be at least 22 feet. If you plan on the installation of an access door on the front, it should be at least 24 feet wide for 9 foot-wide doors, but probably more.  

You also have to think about the type of vehicles you’ll be parking inside. Do you have a small sedan or RV, or a larger SUV, minivan or truck? You’ll also need to leave some space for storage and shelving along the walls. Just remember, the wider your garage is, the easier it will be to open your car doors.

The final decision, of course, will be influenced by your budget, your specific needs and your available space.


  • Weather: In the winter, two garage doors can reduce the cold air that flows into the space. If you heat your garage, this can lower your heating bill. In the summer, having two single garage doors will reduce the humidity that enters the space, reducing your AC costs.
  • Malfunctions: If a malfunction such as a torsion spring break happens with a double garage door, you will not be able to get those two cars out of your garage until the issue is fixed. With two single garage doors, you could at least get one of the vehicles out.
  • Three-car family: If you have three small cars (one for you and your spouse and then also your teenager), you could fit them all in a 16 ft.‑18 ft. double garage door. With two single doors, however, it will be a struggle to maneuver the three cars through the doors.


Most designers and architects agree that two single doors look better for a front-facing garage. This design increases curb appeal and overall aesthetics of the home. If you have a double garage door at the front of the home, you could add decorative features such as a pergola or trellis for climbing plants.


You may assume a double garage door would be cheaper than two singles. Truth is, the cost is quite similar between the two. The big difference in cost will come with the addition of a second electric garage door opener.

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