Wood garage doors make a beautiful addition to any home thanks to their natural, classic look. Aluminum and steel doors are also great materials because they’re so durable. However, they do come with some maintenance chores to ensure they have a long, healthy lifespan. You should regularly clean and inspect the door and the area in which the door operates, as well as perform monthly safety checks.

Here, we offer a few tips on how to maintain and protect your garage doors throughout the year.

Paint and Finish

For wood garage doors, it’s important to keep up with the finish or paint on your wood garage doors to protect the structural integrity and appearance. It’s best to consult with a painter to develop a good maintenance program, as some doors are exposed to the weather more than others. Wood doors also require periodic inspections of their finish. Once a year, visually inspect the door to see if the finish is thin, weathered or deteriorated. You  may have to strip and refinish the door.

For steel and aluminum doors, be sure to wash the door exterior at least one time per year and more frequently in salt air climates. Mix one cup of household detergent in five gallons of warm water, then wash the door with a sponge or cloth. Rinse down the door thoroughly until clean of soap. Refrain from blending cleansers or detergents with bleach, and never pressure wash your garage door. This could damage and dent your door, as well as peel the paint and finish off.


The  main material of your garage door isn’t the only thing that needs maintenance. From windows to hardware, you have to pay special attention to the accessories.

For windows and window inserts, use a soft cloth and household glass cleaner to gently clean these items.

For decorative hardware, no special cleaning should be needed to maintain appearance, as some variations in finishes are intended. Keep in mind, some changes in color may occur over time to augment the natural beauty of each piece. If you do want to clean the hardware or change its color, remove the hardware from the garage door and clean it with a cloth and mild detergent with water. Use a paint and primer in one to preserve the authentic look of your silver, bronze, or steel hardware pieces. Once the hardware is dry, attach it onto the garage door.

Maintenance Chores

It’s a good idea to perform monthly safety checks of your garage door and opener. In addition, schedule an annual visit from a trained garage door technician who can help you maintain the safety and smooth operation of your garage door.

When performing a visual inspection, check the cables, tracks, springs, steel brackets, hinges and rollers for rupture, fraying and other signs of wear. If you see signs of wear, enlist the help of your trusted garage door technician to replace these items in the interest of safety.

Test door balance by disconnecting the electric opener while the door is closed. Raise the door to the level of your waist level and then slowly release it. The door should hold steady in this position. If the door drops or raises without your assistance, call your technician to correct the door balance.

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