If you’re lucky enough to have two garages on your property, you may be at a loss as to what to do with the extra one. The first one may house your cars and lawn equipment, but if the other is sitting empty, don’t let the opportunity go to waste. Consider these five creative ways you can utilize that second garage. 

1.  She Shed/Craft Room/Art Studio

For all the ladies out there who need their own space away from the main house, a she shed is the perfect answer. If you’re into crafts, convert the space into a craft room or art studio that accommodates all your favorite pastimes, from crafts and pottery to sewing and scrapbooking. This extra space gives you an outlet for exploring your hobbies and getting inspired.

You could also use this she shed as a gathering spot for your book club, wine night with the ladies, or an alternate business office space.

2.  Game Room/Man Cave

Let’s not leave the guys out. A second garage screams man cave, so it’s time to get to work!  You can use this area to set up a game room for you and your buddies, whether you crave a secluded spot for your Saturday night poker games or Tuesday night dart tournaments. Your spouse may not appreciate the cigar smoke, beer cans and loud noises that come with guys’ night in within the main house. That’s where that second garage comes in handy. You can use it as a makeshift game room with folding chairs and tables, a well-stocked bar, couches, low lighting and of course a flat screen TV.

3.  Home Theater

Who doesn’t want to watch the Superbowl or the latest blockbuster with comfy seats and a huge TV? Attempting to relax with a movie in the main house can be fraught with distractions, especially when there are kids and pets underfoot. Sometimes you just want your own space in which to comfortably recline in theater chairs while making snacks from the popcorn machine and taking in every detail of the big fight on your projection size TV. This space is also great for family movie nights, entertaining neighbors, and sleepovers for the kids’ friends.

4.  Wine Cellar

A good wine cellar – err, wine garage – has to regulate humidity and light so the wine you stock in it will keep its taste while in storage. If you have a large garage and don’t want to use the whole thing for your wine cellar, you can dedicate a smaller portion for this purpose while leaving extra space for any other use. Stock your wine cellar with storage racks, a humidifier, and low lighting. You could even create a tasting room, with leather couches, a bar and glassware for entertaining wine connoisseur friends.

5.  Guest House

If your aging parents need a place to stay where you can keep an eye on them and cook for them but yet retain their independence, considering turning your second garage into an in-law apartment or granny pod. Or, if you frequently have guests stay with you, they can stay here in comfort, close to you but without feeling like an imposition. Then there is no need to share your main living area, allowing you to retain your privacy and give guests some personal space. Convert your guest house into a side hustle, making extra cash by renting it out through sites like VRBO and Airbnb, or even to local college students.

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