Summer’s warm grip has a hold of the Detroit area once again, with temperatures averaging in the 80s and above. Your priority is probably staying as cool as you can within your home, but you may forget about temperatures in your garage.

Because many garages get full sun for much of the day and don’t have as many windows as other areas of the home, they can reach astronomically high temps. Inside, temperatures can be 20 degrees warmer than outside. Let’s take a look at the dangers of a hot garage and what you can do to keep it cool.

Extreme Heat Destroys Items Inside Your Garage

Many items that are sitting in your garage right now aren’t made for the heat. Electronics are one example. Their circuit systems work far better at lower temperatures. Consider that those units usually run about 20 degrees hotter than the room temperature, with overheating being a very real possibility. When that happens, the unit can be damaged or destroyed.

Think about the other things inside your garage that could get damage, such as candles, food and storage containers, crayons, and even those vintage albums you’ve been collecting. Taking that a step further, melted wax or erupted food can also damage nearby objects and surfaces, compounding the problem – and the smell.

Heat is Bad for You and Your Pets

Perhaps you don’t use your garage for storing your car. Maybe you have converted that space into a gym, office or workshop. Just remember, though, that working out or even just relaxing in a 120-degree garage puts you at risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, which can be life threatening if you don’t get treated.

The same can be said for your pets. Don’t put your dogs and cats in the garage to keep them out of trouble when you’re gone. Due to their thick coats of fur, they are more prone to heat illnesses than humans. Always check the garage before you lock up, to ensure your pets didn’t get in there by accident.

Hot Garages = High Energy Bills

Keeping your house cool taxes your AC system. If your garage is not properly insulated, this forces your system to work twice as hard to keep things comfortable, as cool air escapes and warm air gets in. This wasted energy can lead to a shorter lifespan for your AC unit, but it also leads to higher energy bills.

Keeping Your Garage Cool All Summer Long

If you have an overheated garage, there are many ways in which you can beat the heat, such as by promoting airflow. Use fans to move hot air out and pull cool air in. Instead of opening up the garage door to let in air, keep it closed and pull cool air from inside the home into the garage by using fans and leaving the door to the house open.

However, this can get costly quick for the above-mentioned reason. The best way to cool your garage and keep your energy bills down is to make sure your door is properly insulated.

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