If you’re looking to sell your home this summer, you’re likely looking for ways in which you can boost your curb appeal to potential buyers. You can make sure your lawn and bushes are manicured, fresh flowers are planted, and walkways are weeded. But don’t neglect the largest component of your home’s exterior: the garage doors.

Since they take up a big visual chunk of your home, it’s important to make sure they complement the rest of the house. Here are some ways to ensure you make the best possible first impression on buyers this season.

Fresh Paint Goes a Long Way

If your garage is still in great shape but it’s fading from the sun or the paint is peeling, now’s a great time to slap a fresh coat of paint on there. You can repaint it the same color or switch it up with a complementary color that matches your house’s trim.

Upgrade Your Doors

New garage doors will add a lot of value to your home, which hopefully you can recoup in the sale. According to Home Advisor, new garage door installation has an ROI of 97.5 percent. This is due to the added security, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Garage doors are very visual, meaning they will catch the eye of everyone who pulls up. Make it count.  

When choosing garage doors, install ones with lots of visual appeal coupled with the highest quality for an instant upgrade. This is especially important if your home lacks a defining style, and looks just like all the rest on the street. There are many ways to create visual interest:

  • Window panes
  • Horizontal relief patterns
  • Vertical lines
  • Barn door-style cross beams

Whether you prefer a modern look with multiple glass panels or a traditional one with wood-grain appearance, your garage door should make a statement.


You can choose an interesting pattern for your garage door, such as with a carriage house style with built-in features that help it stand out, or you can add period details such as iron arrows or fleur-de-lis hinges. If you prefer a plain door, you can always add decorative accessories around it, such as vibrant potted plants at the garage entrance sides. Topiary and tall plants, trees or shrubs tend to draw the eye and break up the large expanse of your doors. You also add porticos and trellises, or decorative trims, pillars and built-out rooflines to add more detail. Ivy and climbing plants offer shade and soften the lines of your structure. Or, try decorative stonework on the walls around the doors.

Light it Up

Exterior lighting adds more curb appeal to your garage as well. Add overhead and side lights which are not only functional in nature but offer a safety factor too. Incorporate lighting that complements the color tone and style of your home for a cohesive look. One light may be enough but you may consider a pattern of multiple wall sconces that lead right up to the front door for a dramatic, effective result.

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