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If your garage door opener is getting on in years or it’s been giving you problems lately, you may want to consider installing a new one. From safety to practicality, here are the top four reasons why you may need a new garage door opener. Upgrading your opener will not only increase your functionality and your family’s safety, it will also give you access to new technology and features that can streamline your everyday life.

1.  Safety

If the main point of entry to your home is through your garage, this means you have a lot of foot traffic going in and out of the home, from family members to guests to pets. You may also park your vehicle in the garage, coming and going as you please for work, school, practices, etc. Maybe you even use your garage as a workshop or for storage for all your lawn equipment. In essence, it’s a large access point that must work properly for the safety of everyone involved.

2.     Security

Keep intruders from getting into your home by preventing the use of the garage door opener. Older systems with outdated remotes make it easy for intruders to use it to gain access to your home. You need a newer garage door opening system that features advanced security options that utilize rolling codes, for instance. This means that whenever someone clicks on the remote, it generates a unique code.

3.  Quieter Operation

A new garage door opener can reduce the amount of noise. If you have a garage with a chain drive or a steel cable system, you know how noisy it can be when your garage door goes up and down. Today’s door openers use rubber belts and other technology to ensure much quieter and less distracting operation.

If you currently have metal rollers, you can invest in some nylon rollers, or you can even install a vibration isolator system.

4.  Use of Technology

With so many advancements being made in the smart home technology industry, it would be foolish not to take advantage of them. The latest generation of garage door openers offers wi-fi and cell-phone connectivity which gives you the option of locking or unlocking your garage from a remote location. You can also get alerts when your garage door is open. Apps on your cell phone, computer, or tablet device can monitor and control the garage door as well. Such garage door openers are equipped with digital controls and read-outs that show you time and temperature displays, motion-sensor light controls, and programmed lock-down periods for your garage door.

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