While garage doors aren’t made completely of glass, many models do have glass components, perhaps with a row of windows at the top. If you are on the hunt for a new garage door, you may be looking at a variety of models, some with glass inserts and some without. Let’s go over the pros and cons of glass garage doors.


Garage doors with windows provide:

  1. Lots of natural light. It’s harder to work in dark spaces, and most garages simply don’t have enough natural light. If you work in your garage or engage in a hobby there, you likely have to resort to artificial light if your door doesn’t have windows. Installing a garage door with windows, whether clear, frosted or tinted, will give you the natural light you crave to operate more efficiently.
  1. A variety of design choices. While you may assume sleek glass garage doors would only look right on a modern home, they’re more versatile than you think. You can choose from doors in many colors, finishes, and patterns that complement your specific home style.
  2. Curb appeal and property (resale) value. Street-facing garage doors happen to be the most prominent features of any home, comprising up to 40 percent of the facade. Glass garage doors look beautiful from the street, adding to the curb appeal and value of the home.


Garage doors with windows and glass have a few drawbacks as well. These garage door types:

  1. Are costly. While the exact amount you pay will vary with how much glass you incorporate as well as what kind of door you get, overall a glass garage door will cost you about twice what it would for a solid garage door. That’s because of the extra materials involved, the delicate nature of the materials and the manufacturing processes used to create them. Add to that the extra care that comes with delivery and installation, and the price tag is higher.
  2. Need more insulation. Even if you choose a door with insulated glass, windows are just not as energy efficient as solid, traditional materials. Yes, they allow heat and light to enter the space, but you may not want this depending on the climate where you live.  You can reduce this impact with mirror effects or tint finishes.
  3. Require more care and cleaning. While every garage door should be cleaned on a regular basis, those with glass need even more. That’s because they can show dirt and dust more readily than solid materials, making them look ugly and detracting from the appearance of your property.
  4. Can break easily. If you have a door made of steel and another metal, you know these tend to bend or dent when an object hits them. But when an object hits glass hard enough, it will break. Even though modern tempered glass is designed not to shatter on impact in the interest of safety, you still have to have it replaced immediately.

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