Your garage door is likely one of the focal points of your home. As such, it has to stand out – in a good way – for a lasting impression on guests, an increase in curb appeal and an overall aesthetic complement to the rest of your home. Does your current garage door do all that? If not, and you’re looking to take on a renovation project that includes a facelift for your garage, consider making an impression with a new door.

Improving your curb appeal isn’t just for sale-ready houses. Even if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, curb appeal has a lot to do with pride in your home and landscape. A big part of having a beautiful and welcoming home is what your garage door looks like. Check yours out: is the paint peeling? Are there dents? Do you see signs of mold or rot? What about the style? Is it dated and in need of a refresh?

If you’re looking for a better way to say “welcome to my home,” you can start with updating your garage doors. What should you look for when selecting new doors? Here are some tips:

  • Because your garage door is the focal point of your home in many cases, look for one that stands out in some way – either in color or style or both.
  • The color you choose should complement the exterior color and finish of the rest of your home, whether you have siding, brick or stone. Matching the color isn’t as important as working within the same color family and within the same tones.
  • Likewise, the style you choose should match the home’s style. For example, a carriage style garage door goes well with a farmhouse or traditional home, while a sleek contemporary aluminum or glass door is best for a modern home.
  • You may want to add lights to the soffits above your doors to accent them, just like you would for artwork on the walls inside your home. This is good for aesthetic appeal at night, but also for safety as well.
  • Add molding details around your doors to make them pop.
  • Consider muted, earthy tones for the doors themselves rather than loud, prominent colors. Those bright hues can detract from the beauty of the rest of the home – not to mention, you won’t be making any friends with your neighbors over your cringe-worthy color choice.

There are many other considerations for a garage door other than appearance and curb appeal, but this is a good start. Check out our next blog on structural and safety features to look for when selecting a new garage door. In the meantime, call M&M Garage Doors today at 586-610-5434 if you’re looking to update your current doors.