In our last blog, we talked about aesthetics when choosing a new garage door. Today, we’ll talk about going beyond the appearance and into the bones of the door to address functionality, operation and safety. Here are some tips to think about:

  • Material: You usually have a choice between wood, steel, vinyl or aluminum. The one you ultimately choose will depend on your preferences and budget. Wood is traditional, while vinyl is durable, for example.
  • Maintenance: Think about the upkeep requirements before choosing. For example, wood is certainly stunning but requires painting or staining every few years. Steel doors are durable and come with occasional cleaning. Vinyl doors last long, don’t rust and don’t need painting. Aluminum doors are also low in maintenance.
  • Insulation: How insulated your garage doors are will determine how low you can keep your energy bills. This has a lot to do with the R-Value of the door. A higher R-Value reduces outside noise and ensures stable temperatures.
  • Safety: From garage door reversal functions to pinch-resistant features, the door you choose should have the latest bells and whistles in terms of safety. After all, this door is the largest moving piece of equipment on your property, with the power to injure or kill. Make sure it’s safe.
  • Springs: The counterbalance spring system is what opens and closes your door. The garage door opener provides that initial push but the springs handle the rest of the work. The spring mechanism on your door should be as sturdy and strong as possible.
  • Warranty: Protecting your investment is vital. Look for industry-leading warranties on splitting, cracking and rusting.
  • Service Quality: Quality of installation is just as important as the material you choose. Sub-par installation by unqualified workers will pretty much guarantee you’ll be shelling out lots more in the long term for repair and replacement. Choose right the first time.

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