Summer’s on the way, and with warm weather comes BUGS. While insects will seek the refuge of a garage in any weather, the summer is the most attractive due to all the moisture buildup. It’s important to keep them out of your garage so they don’t damage its contents, breed, and gain access to interior portions of your home.

Here are some important tips to ensuring bugs stay out of your garage.

1.  Seal All Food

If you store food in your garage, such as in an extra pantry or even bags of dog food, you have to be extra diligent in keeping it properly sealed. Bugs are not discriminating in terms of what food they will eat. Not only will they eat whatever is there, they will also breed and grow in number.

2.  Keep Surroundings Dry

Open garage doors can allow rain and other elements to get in. This can lead to standing water, which attracts many insects, namely mosquitoes. Even water in an upturned garbage can lid or planter can be very enticing for these disease-carrying pests. Quickly mop up any damp, wet spots as well, to cover all your bases.

3.     Go on the Defensive

It’s true that the best offense is a good defense. Take the proactive approach and spray insecticide on both sides of your baseboards. You can also place ant traps near the outside.

4.  Check the Walls

Even if you’re diligent about keeping your garage door closed, bugs are relentless in their search for new ways in. They can gain entry through walls that have just a small crack or hole in them. Regularly check, repair and seal these areas with caulk to keep bugs from being sneaky in their quest for shelter. 

5.     Replace the Seal

You may not think about your garage door’s seal but if it’s cracked of has holes in it, even this smallest entry point at the bottom of your door can encourage pests. Check this seal regularly and have it replaced when worn.

Your Best Option: Call M&M Garage Doors

If you need your threshold seal replaced or require any other type of garage door repair, contact us at 586-610-5434. We can make sure your door is in tip-top condition for summer so you don’t have to worry about bug infestation through this entry point.