Garage doors are subjected to a lot of use, and thus a lot of wear and tear. Making the decision to replace your garage door isn’t always based on how old it is, although that is a main reason. Check out these six reasons why you should replace your garage door.

1.  Increase Your Home’s Value

Replacing or repairing your home’s garage door boosts the value of your home. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, this can pad the amount you sell it for.

2.  Improve Cooling and Heating Efficiency

Older doors are simply not as energy efficient as new ones. In fact, you’re probably losing a good amount of heat and air conditioning every day that you keep that door. This translates to higher energy bills due to heat or AC loss. Replacing your door is a critical part of saving money over the long term.

3.     Improve Aesthetics

Your old garage door may look worn out, stained, faded, dented and just plain ugly. Even if the rest of your house looks OK, an old garage door can bring down the whole look of your property. Garage door replacement boosts your curb appeal, which you, any potential buyers, and your neighbors will greatly appreciate.

4.     Functionality

If you’ve been putting up with an old garage door that just doesn’t work right, replacing it will ensure you get full functionality from a product that was designed to offer convenience. Replacing a door that no longer works properly will improve the efficiency of your home. Along with this, you will be increasing the safety of your family knowing the new door works the way it should, so that injuries can be avoided.

5.  Safe Storage

Older doors can’t properly safeguard the items you place inside the garage. If there are dents, holes and other problems with the door itself, items inside may be destroyed due to weather, the elements, pests, and thieves. A new door will give you renewed confidence in the safe storage of your valuable items.

6.  Improved Security

Your old garage door is probably not as secure as it should be. Perhaps the lock isn’t working right or it doesn’t close all the way. All of these issues can improve overall home security for your peace of mind.

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