If you’ve been getting bored with the way your home looks, you may realize it’s time for a change. But you don’t have to paint the whole house or get new siding to achieve a bold new look. You can simply install a new garage door or paint the one you already have. You may choose to match your front door color with your garage door color, or you may decide to mix and match. 

Check out these nine trending garage door colors for the year.

1.  White

Always a classic, white never goes out of style. A nice crisp white can make your garage door really pop, adding traditional curb appeal and property value. You will never go wrong adding a white garage door. Of course, you will have to clean it and maintain it more often than other colors because white shows dirt more easily.

2.  Rust 

Yes, rust is a bold color that you may not think of at first for a garage door. But nonetheless, many homeowners, designers and architects are gravitating toward the earthy tones of rust for doors, especially for midcentury modern homes.

3.  Light Gray

Light gray is a perennial favorite, and for good reason. Darker than white but with a soft appeal, light gray is a great choice if you have an exterior that’s lighter than the garage door.

4.  Dark Gray

Go a bit darker and you’re still in the clear for 2021 trends. Dark gray will help make your property stand out amongst your neighbors, looking particularly fashionable with white, beige or light gray backdrops.

5.  Sage

Sage is an earthy green tone that many homeowners are fond of, as it’s an elegant color that blends nature and high-end design.

6.  Black

Black is daring and edgy, but many people paint their front doors black, so why not the garage door? You’ll get the most effect with a black door offset by a very light exterior color, or even a bold sky blue or red. Everything pairs well with black.

7.  Red

Red makes a bold statement, pairing well with light exterior colors such as white.

8.  Illuminating Yellow

This intense and bright color is just the latest in a shift away from neutral tones to bold statement tones.

9.  Gray Blue

Gray blue is one of those rare colors that is both neutral and bold at the same time. It certainly makes a statement, but it can be muted by a traditional exterior color such as beige, or highlighted by a variation on the theme offset by a gray home.

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