Garage door openers, just like the doors themselves, don’t last forever. They need maintenance and proper care, as well as replacement when they near the end of their useful life. You may be using the same opener you had when you first installed your garage door, so it’s no wonder it’s acting up. Here are the top reasons why you may need an upgrade right now.

1.  Safety Concerns

Your old garage door opener is vulnerable to being hacked by burglars. Older doors and their openers are simply not equipped with the latest in safety technology. Newer doors, on the other hand, feature rolling codes that are more difficult to crack by even the most tech-savvy crooks. In fact, these codes change every time the door is opened. The latest door opener models will feature all the necessary safeguards to ensure your door can’t be opened by anyone but you. It will also ensure your safety while in the home and away at work or school. Your belongings will also be protected, both in the garage and in the main house as well.

2.  Noisy Operation

Older garage door openers make more noise. Period. Today’s models are designed for near-silent operation that won’t rattle your doors and contribute to the noise level. With a new opener, you get quieter operation, plus you get peace of mind knowing you’re preserving the integrity of your door by protecting them from costly rattling problems that detract from its lifespan.

3.  Security

Newer garage door openers make use of the latest in smart technology features. One such feature is the live video feed. When robbers are looking to break into a home, they tend to search out unlocked points of entry before they go breaking windows and calling attention to themselves. They may casually walk around the house checking doors and windows, and the garage door is no exception.

Smart garage door openers with built-in video security features allows you to log on from your phone remotely to see what is happening at your residence. And even if a resourceful burglar does make it inside your home, the resulting video footage will aid the police in catching them.

Another great thing about the latest door openers is the locking feature. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve left home for work or a trip and wondered “did I shut the garage door?”. With a smart garage door opener, you can check if you did shut it right from your smart phone or tablet. If your suspicions were right and the door is indeed open, you can close it with the touch of a button.  

Ready to Upgrade?

Once you’ve made the decision to upgrade your garage door opener, make sure the door itself gets an inspection as well. You may have to replace a spring or lubricate the tracks first. If your garage door is getting on in years, it’s often better to replace the entire garage door and opener at the same time. This way, you will know when you replaced both and be assured that they work in tandem perfectly.

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