It happens. Damage is inevitably a part of life as a homeowner, as your garage door is subjected to a variety of external forces, from weather to vandalism to old age. Whether your remote  isn’t working properly or your garage door isn’t closing all the way, damage can happen in many ways, and a repair is definitely in order.

It’s a fact of life that things go wrong with your garage door. Perhaps it gets stuck open. This is a serious safety and security threat.  Maybe it gets stuck when it’s closed, which means you have to keep your car outside or store items elsewhere, leaving them vulnerable to thieves or the elements.

Sometimes poor judgement is to blame. Maybe your teen daughter backed into the door when trying to leave, damaging panels. Stay calm, first of all. Accidents happen. Many people have mistakenly stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake. Others have hit the door after sliding on ice in the winter. Stray baseballs and bicycles can hit the panels and cause dents.

Whatever the case, if you cause or notice damage to your garage door, the issue should be addressed immediately. Garage door damage not only detracts from your home’s curb appeal, it also poses a potential safety risk.

Garage Door Damage: Common Causes

Garage door problems usually stem from a few simple causes, from technical issues and obstructions to wear and tear or old equipment. The top causes of damage or disrepair to garage doors are:

  1. Spring Breakage

Springs can break over time just due to usage. The more action your garage door gets, the sooner the springs will break.

  1. Cable Breakage

Cable, wires and ropes will become brittle over time and begin to fray. Once they start fraying, they will unwind and could snap.

  1. The Photo Eye

The photo eye is comprised of a small sensor found on both sides of the door, usually placed just a couple inches from the ground. The photo eye projects a beam (you can’t see it) across the garage door so it doesn’t shut on a person or object. This is no doubt a vital safety feature, but it can easily get misaligned either by bad weather, an object that impacts it, by disconnecting it or through water damage that disrupts the circuit.

  1. Electrical Issues

Your garage door needs electricity in order to function. Fuses can blow, or you could sustain water damage or experience frayed wires. Always call a professional to fix electrical door issues.

  1. Wear and Tear

The mechanisms that are responsible for opening and closing your garage door get worn over time. Take rollers, for example, which can wear out over time. You will get more use out of high-quality rollers, to be sure, but at some point, even they will wear out and require replacement.

  1. Obstacles

If you’re like most people and use your garage as a storage unit, boxes and other belongings can get accidentally knocked over, thereby blocking the photo eye sensors. Then the door won’t open or close. Just a reminder that obstacles and even dust can cause obstructions.

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