In order for your garage door to open and close easily and smoothly, the metal tracks that guide your door have to be properly aligned. Over time, they can get misaligned or warped due to frequent use, age or defective materials. You will know your tracks are warped or misaligned if you hear loud noises as the door goes up and down.

When your garage door has to work harder to accommodate those faulty tracks, this puts stress and strain on your motor and related components, which will lead to premature and costly repairs. Regular maintenance and quick repairs when an issue is detected are both critical.

If you don’t have your warped or misaligned tracks fixed right away, you could also be inviting burglars into your home, who can easily get past open or insecure doors. Broken tracks can also pose a safety issue to anyone who uses the door.

How Tracks Get Misaligned

Garage door tracks get misaligned with age, due to accidents, and as a result of low-quality tracks being installed in the first place.

Wear and tear over time – While most systems are made to provide years of service, tracks can get out of alignment after the door has been operated thousands of times. It’s just a fact of life.

Accidents – Tracks can get knocked out of alignment when the door is struck by an large object such as a bike or car. In an accident like this, though, there are likely many other problems that may be going undetected, which is why it’s so important to call for a professional inspection after an incident like that.

How Do You Know Tracks Have Been Misaligned or Warped?

Track problems will give off a loud rubbing or scraping noise when the door reaches a particular point. You will notice this sound more and more as time goes on. The door may even start to slow down as the rollers approach that point.

With a misalignment, a gap can be seen between the rollers and the rail. In fact, in the worst cases, the roller could pop right out of the track. Misaligned tracks will bend or warp as the stress increases. If you have the problem looked at sooner rather than later, the chances will be better for a repair rather than a whole replacement.

Related Track Issues

In addition to warped or misaligned tracks, other track issues can plague your garage door, such as:

Sticky tracks – The track lubricant can get old and caked with grit, which causes sticking. You’ll have to clean the tracks and rollers and add more lubricant.

Dents and bumps – Sometimes, these can be worked out with a woodblock and a mallet or hammer, while other times, the track has to be completely replaced.

Cold temperatures – In the winter, it’s common for garage doors to stick. When lubricant gets old, it doesn’t perform quite as well in winter as it does in summer.

You may be tempted to fix these issues yourself, but this is unwise due to the safety concerns involved. Always call a professional for track repairs and replacements.

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