If you like to entertain a lot but simply don’t have the space for big crowds, why not look at one of the biggest “rooms” in your house with the largest point of entry? Your garage! If you don’t really use your garage for your cars, bikes or lawn equipment, there’s no need to waste all that space. Turn it into a party space and you’ll have a great spot for inviting family and friends over to watch the game or enjoy a simple get-together.

A new garage door would complete the look and give you an attractive entry point for all your celebrations.

First, De-Clutter

It’s highly unlikely that you have a garage devoid of stuff. So, the first step in turning your garage into a gathering spot is to de-clutter. Determine the best way to store your tools, sports accessories, gardening supplies, tires, boxes, bicycles, and other belongings. You can relocate some to your shed, others to the basement or attic, or you can give the things you no longer need away.

Consider donating used items or hold a big yard sale. Toss anything that’s broken, rusted or just plain of no use.

Come up with a Layout

Next, take a look at the space that remains and think about how it can be best used for your intended purposes. Assuming you will be entertaining others, make sure you have a stable spot for placing drinks and food, with plenty of electrical connections for TVs, gaming systems, computers, phones and stereos. You’ll also need plentiful seating options. Sofas, ottomans, folding chairs, and even bean bags add all the extra seating you will need.

Think About Ventilation and Sunlight

Hopefully your garage already has windows that you can throw open in the nice weather to allow for a breeze. Just be mindful of your neighbors if you decide to play loud music, movies or games. But even if you have a window or two, garages aren’t really known for having the best natural light. You can solve that problem by choosing a garage door with windows.

For example, our Coralville collection in particular has lots of windows for your enjoyment. Our Vista, Onslow, Otteson, and Hillsboro collections also feature windows.

Keep Safety in Mind

If you will be using the garage door as your main point of entry to the party space, make sure it’s as safe and functional as possible. This means you should get yearly inspections of your door, and get any repairs done as soon as you notice a problem. The right door will ensure privacy, peace and quiet, safety and proper functioning.  

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