With recent wind chill warnings and storm watches, your home is your fortress now more than ever. But while you may prep the rest of your home by ensuring you have enough heat, the walks are shoveled and the driveway plowed, sometimes your garage door goes by the wayside. As one of the most heavy and powerful mechanisms in your home, it’s imperative to keep it working properly even in winter. After all, this is when you need to rely on it the most.

Here are some tips on how to protect your garage door before, during and after a snow storm.


While routine maintenance on your garage door is imperative year round, there are some things you can do right before a snow storm arrives:

  • Lubricate moving parts. These parts tend to stick and stall out with cold weather. Make sure all parts are lubricated ahead of time so your garage door will run smoothly without missing a beat.
  • Spread salt or sand: Sprinkling salt or sand in your driveway can give your car more traction as you enter your driveway, thereby preventing an unfortunate collision with the garage door in icy conditions. This will also prevent your door from being frozen to the floor when temperatures drop and the snow comes.
  • Get out shovels and snowblowers: Gather any items you will need to clear the snow and make sure they’re readily accessible. If this is the first time you’re using your snowblower this season, make sure it works and that you have plenty of gas.


  • Shovel as it snows: It’s better to shovel or snowblow a bit every hour or so as the snow falls to stay on top of the accumulation. It will prevent snow buildup against your door, which can be very heavy. Not only can all that weight add pressure to the door itself, it can also damage the paint job and even leave dents.
  • Shovel to the ground: Especially when snow is heavy and wet, it can be tough to get the shovel to clear all the way to the ground. But it’s important to shovel more than just enough to clear a path. The sun will warm the ground and prevent re-freezing near your garage door.


  • Inspect the door for damage to metal parts: Cold weather has a tendency to cause metal to contract and settle, thereby realigning the tracks on the door just enough to cause friction. Check these areas to ensure they’re in good working order. Make sure the door opens and closes smoothly. Sweep or shovel any remaining salt or snow that’s immediately around the door.

As the threat of snow continues, heed these tips all winter long to keep your garage door safe. If you do run into a problem and need a repair, don’t hesitate to call M&M Garage Doors at 586-610-5434.