Longing for some outdoor space you can use for get-togethers, family time, or just relaxing? Whether your home needs a general facelift or it’s time to add the siding, pool or deck you’ve always dreamed of, now is the perfect time to update your garage door to complement the new look.

Whatever you’re craving for your outdoor space, it should have lots of curb appeal and add fun and comfort for your family and increase your home’s property value. Here are some ways you can improve your home with cost-effective renovations, while at the same time keeping in mind your future homeowner goals.

Plan Ahead

Home improvements are wonderful, but if they don’t fit into your budget, they won’t be a worthwhile investment. Before you invest in renovations, come up with a budget that details how much you have to spend, how much you want to save, and the total price tag for your desired improvements. Remember, the amount of value these changes will add to your home may change with your future goals, such as whether you plan to live in the home forever or you are looking to sell within the next year.

Design Your Exteriors

You’ll have to consider many outdoor design elements, as they will reflect your individual style. Take landscaping, for example, which will play a large role in the look and feel of your home. Colorful flowers paired with lush greenery will give a well-balanced, manicured, modern look, while low maintenance annuals and perennials offer a simple and minimalistic appearance.

Choose materials such as stones, pavers, mulch, and plants to further boost the curb appeal of your home.

Garage Doors

One big influential part of your exterior – usually the first thing guests see — is your garage door. As a major focal point, you should choose one that blends in naturally with the rest of the home yet complements it at the same time. When you replace your garage door with an updated style, this instantly modernizes the look of your property.

In fact, garage door replacements and renovations rank high in ROI for household renovations year over year, with a 94 percent recouped cost for 2020, according to the Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine.


Color makes a big difference in your home’s exterior design. From your patio to your front porch to your garage space, you’ll have to decide on a color scheme that matches each function and purpose. For a more relaxed, earthy space, incorporate outdoor weatherproof furniture in blues, greens, and neutrals. For a fun and updated gathering space, think about oranges, yellows, and reds when purchasing accent pieces.

Tie your theme together with small accents like pillows, cushions and planters for a more refined and polished appearance. Use flowers and other elements to introduce bold colors. Color-coordinating a garage door with your house is a good idea, as well. Use online tools or ask your garage door installation professional for advice on which color garage door would complement your home best.

Whether you’re just making a few upgrades to your home, or you want to improve its form and function before putting it on the market, don’t discount the importance of well-designed renovations that boost your home’s value.

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