Did you know the average garage door opens and closes about 1,500 times per year? And with weights of more than 150 pounds, all that action puts pressure and wear and tear on the underlying mechanism. Here’s how to spot common garage door problems and troubleshoot each issue.

Your Garage Doors in MI Won’t Open or Close

Take a look at the opener first when this happens. Check the batteries and replace them if needed. You can find them at the back of the transmitter. If the problem still persists, you may just be out of range. Keep in mind, the signal from most transmitters only reaches about 50 feet, or about four or five car lengths, from the opener. Try moving closer to see if that does the trick.

Another culprit could be some kind of barrier that’s preventing the transmitter from getting the signal. Clear any obstructions then try again. If that doesn’t work, the motor could be defective. You will need to call a garage door technician.  

Your Garage Doors in MI Open But Won’t Close

A faulty safety sensor is usually to blame. The photo eye sensors are on the sides of the door, and if anything is detected, the garage door won’t close as a safety precaution. Make sure the sensors are aligned correctly by measuring their heights. They should both be the exact height off the floor for them to correctly sense movement.

Another reason could be that you have dust on the lens. Remove it with a microfiber cloth. Now test the door to see if it works.

Your Garage Doors in MI Close But Open Again Right Away

If your door closes and then immediately opens, the limit switch settings could be to blame. These tell the door how far to move when it’s closing. If you set the range too high, it will close and then immediately open again because the opener will sense an obstruction.

The dials for the limit switch settings are different for many systems. Adjust the switch manually in gradual increments until you get the results you want.

Your Garage Doors in MI Only Open Partway

Your door may only open partially if you have a poor limit switch adjustment. Incorrect limit switch settings can cause the garage door to fail to open completely. If you make an adjustment and this still doesn’t work, the rollers could be causing the problem. Add lubrication or replace them.

A warped metal track could also cause the problem. Precise alignment is key; otherwise, the door will open and close unevenly. This problem tends to worsen with time as the door moves along defective tracks.

Check the alignment with a level. You may be able to correct slight warping with a rubber mallet but if the problem is severe, replacement will be needed.

Your Garage Doors in MI Are Making Unusual Sounds

Noisy garage doors signal a fault in the system. If you hear a vibrating sound when opening or closing the door, this could indicate loose nuts and bolts. If you hear a high-pitched squealing sound, this could signal defective hinges or friction from lack of lubrication.

If you hear banging or rattling noises, the door’s balance is likely off. If you hear a very loud banging noise, the torsion springs may have broken. Don’t ignore this problem. Always consult with a technician.

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