There are about 2.5 million burglaries a year in this country, with 66 percent of those being home break ins. Many of those burglars gain access to the home via a garage door or side door attached to a garage. Unfortunately, police solve only 13 percent of reported cases because of lack of witnesses or evidence.

Because the garage is an ideal entry point for burglars, it’s necessary for homeowners to be aware of this threat and take steps to prevent this from happening. After all, you keep a lot of valuable items in your garage, from cars and motorcycles to lawn mowers and mountain bikes. Not to mention, you want to protect your actual door from incurring damage as the thieves gain entry. 

Here are some things to think about:

How old is your electric garage door opener?

You may not know. Look at the label that is on the motor housing. If it says a date prior to 1993, you should consider changing it for safety’s sake. Before this date, the method of coding the signal to operate the opener was through a dip switch, which makes it easy for thieves to scan your code and come back later.

Don’t leave your remote in plain sight in your car

Heed these tips:

  • Don’t clip it to your sun visor.
  • Hide it where thieves won’t think to look for it, or bring it with you.
  • Use a mini remote control that you can clip on your key ring.
  • Ditch the physical remote control and instead operate your garage door from your smartphone.

If you are leaving home for an extended period of time…

Disconnect the motor from the electrical outlet so that no one can activate the remote control or tamper with the exterior keypad. You could also:

  • Press the lock button on the control panel.
  • Add a side lock to the inside of the door that features a steel rod in a vertical rail. Don’t forget to unlock it when you return from your trip.
  • Use an automatic lock activated from your smart phone.

If you have windows in the top section of your garage door…

Without trying too hard, burglars can see what you are storing in your garage through those windows. If they have a wire clothes hanger, they can disengage the manual release latch on the track of your door opener.

  • If you have clear glass windows, cover them with a curtain or opaque film.
  • If you plan on installing a new door soon, choose one with no windows or tinted/frosted glass.

Get a secure garage door

If you currently have a non-insulated garage door or one with a single panel of polystyrene insulation, plan on installing a new insulated one made with highly durable materials such as metal. You’ll also want to choose a sandwich‑style garage door, one that has both sides covered in steel sheeting. These are built to be stronger than other types and can withstand blows.  

Other Tips

  • Make sure your garage door is closed at night. Don’t make it easy for burglars to walk into your home.
  • Make sure the exterior lighting around your garage is bright and plentiful.
  • Connect a security camera to your wi-fi system for added protection.
  • Get an alarm system that is connected to your garage door system.

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