As a homeowner, you may often worry a lot about safeguarding your property against human intruders – and understandably so. But what about those intruders that slither in on their bellies or scurry in on all fours? They can do just as much damage to your garage and ultimately the interior of your home than people can.

Pests love garages, as they’re dark, secluded, cool, and relatively quiet compared to the rest of the home. With little chances for human interaction, pests can easily set up shop and claim your garage as their new home. Here’s how you can keep your garage pest free.

Eliminate Current Infestations

If you know you have pest infestation already, the first step is to eliminate them. You can use anything form bug bombs to traps, or you can call a professional exterminator. Once you have rid the garage of existing pests, you can move on to prevention.

Clean the Garage

Do a full cleanup of your garage, ridding it of anything that may be attractive to pests, such as old wood, insulation, standing water and food (including pet food for your cat or dog). This will give them less to be attracted by as well as lessen the areas in which they can hide.

Seal Cracks

Take a look around the garage for any points of entry. Be on the lookout for cracks (mice and snakes can squeeze into the tiniest of holes) or any other openings to the outside. Seal them up to prevent further issues.

Add Traps

Don’t make it easy for pests to take refuge. Make it dangerous. Incorporate traps to entice any pests that do get in. Anything from roach traps to peanut butter-loaded rat traps will work. Just make sure they are out of the way of pets and children.

Trim Back Trees and Bushes

Many pests such as squirrels will use trees and shrubs as gateways to your home. Then, they’ll find any open cracks or holes they can to get inside. To keep them from having free reign, keep vegetation trimmed away from your home and garage.

Inspect the Door

Make sure your garage door goes all the way to the ground, and that all your weather stripping around the door is intact. Make any adjustments to keep pests from finding a way in. This will also contribute to the safety of your garage overall.

Contact M&M Garage Doors

If your existing garage door, accessories or weather stripping need replacement, contact M&M Garage Doors at 586-610-5434. A new door will help form a barrier to pests!