Summer’s here: while we all enjoy the warmth and the ability to get outside for fresh air, there’s one thing many of us can agree on that we DON’T like about summer and that’s bugs and pests. Insects and other pests are on the hunt for refuge, and they can find it in your garage if you let them. The moisture that summer brings is what they’re after. Don’t let them in.

Keep them out of your garage so they don’t do a number on your belongings. They cause a lot of destruction, not to mention breed and set up homes. They even use your garage as a gateway to the rest of your home. Here’s what you can do to make sure bugs and critters stay out of your garage.

1.  Eradicate Current Infestations

Got a current pest infestation already? You have to eliminate them first before you have a hope of prevention. From bug bombs to traps to calling a professional exterminator, you have to rid the garage of existing pests, so you can move onto the next phase: prevention.

2.  Clean it Out

Do a deep clean of your garage, addressing anything that could pose an attraction to pests, such as old wood, unsealed food, insulation, or standing water. You’ll eliminate the source of attraction, plus you’ll eliminate their hiding spots.

3.  Seal Cracks

Be on the lookout for points of entry, such as cracks or other openings to the exterior. Once you find them, seal them.

4.  Add Traps

Make it difficult for pests and bugs to take refuge in your garage. Place traps strategically to entice any pests that do make their way in, such as roach traps or peanut butter-loaded rat traps. Keep them hidden from kids and pets.

5.  Trim Back Bushes

Pests will use shrubbery to gain access to your home. Squirrels are notorious for this. Trim back vegetation so they don’t have a way in from trees and roofs.

6.  Inspect the Doors

Do an inspection of your garage door, making sure it goes all the way to the ground. Check the weather stripping, too, so you know it’s intact.

7.  Seal all Food

Many homeowners store their own extra food or food for their pets in the garage. If you do this, keep it properly sealed.

8.  Keep Surroundings Dry

Open garage doors invite rain into your home, damaging your belongings but also leading to standing water which attracts insects such as mosquitoes. Mop up any wet spots immediately, and always keep those doors closed. Why make it easy for them to just scurry, slither or scuttle inside?

Contact M&M Garage Doors

If you are worried about bugs and pests getting into your home via your older garage door, call us for tips. We can inspect your door and let you know if repairs are necessary or if weather stripping needs replacement. Contact M&M Garage Doors at 586-610-5434. Remember: a new door forms a barrier to bugs, critters and pests.