It’s summer, and it’s everything we have been waiting for. Now, we can finally spend some time enjoying this long-awaited season. It’s also a good time to make some home improvements and repairs around the house. Don’t forget about the garage door! Maintenance for your garage door should be at the top of your to-do list simply because of its imposing size and safety risks if not properly cared for.  

Follow these four simple maintenance tips that will ensure your garage door stays in optimal condition all season long.

1.    Inspect and Lubricate the Hardware

Check out your door’s hardware and be on the lookout for any wear and tear that may have crept in over the winter and spring. Concentrate on all visible parts to see if any hinges are loose. Perhaps the track is misaligned, or maybe a bolt is missing. A few of these tasks you can remedy on your own if you have the right tools, such as tightening bolts. But for anything more complicated, consult with a professional who can handle replacements or repair work.

Next up: lubrication. This is essential if you expect your garage door to run smoothly all summer long. To that end, all hardware should be lubricated regularly to prevent noises and screeches during closing and opening. We recommend using a three-in-one oil type rather than grease.

2.     Wash the Door and Give it a Paint Job

Give the doors a good soaking and washing when it’s sunny out. This will remove all surface dirt, but you’ll have to use a little bit of elbow grease to get out the ground-in grime. Combine water and a mild household detergent, and apply with a cloth or sponge. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Let dry.

If, after washing, you notice areas that are in need of a paint touchup, now’s a great time to do that. If the door is peeling in several places but still works well overall, consider applying an entire fresh coat of paint.

3.    Add Some Insulation for Energy Efficiency

Garage door insulation helps keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It also lowers your energy bills. When you have adequate insulation in your garage, you increase your home’s value and your family’s comfort.

4.    Reinforce and Test Your Garage Door

During hurricane and summer storm season, you have to be diligent in fortifying your garage door to protect it from extreme weather conditions. Make sure there are no holes or openings in the door. Add reinforcements as needed to keep everyone safe during storms. Check for smooth operation by opening and closing the door a couple of times. Listen for strange noises or a door that closes when halfway up. This signals a serious safety issue that must be addressed right away.

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