Now that summer’s here, all you may be thinking about is hamburgers on the grill, ice cold lemonade and hosting neighborhood pool parties. Who has time to think about the state of their garage door? Well, you should make the time. That’s because summer’s weather can do some damage to your door that you should be aware of.


Direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your garage door in many ways. In addition to creating very hot conditions inside the garage, it can also trick the photo sensor on your door to think there’s an object obstructing it. So, sunlight could be to blame if you notice your door keeps opening partially or closing partially in summer.

One solution is to make a cardboard sun visor to keep the UV rays from reaching the sensors. Still not doing the trick? Call a professional to troubleshoot.


When the atmosphere experiences drastic changes in temperature, along with warm winds and extra moisture, this can create conditions for the perfect storm. How do those storms affect your garage door?

  • Hail: You can’t help hail from hitting your garage door, but you can do some after-storm assessment. Once the storm has passed, inspect the garage for damage. Many issues are covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Call your garage door repair company to fix the damage right away. If you leave dings and scratches, they can rust and lead to problems with the integrity or operation of your door.
  • Losing electricity: Power outages are part and parcel of severe storms which is why you should always know how to operate your garage door manually in the event the power goes out. Install a backup battery to ensure you can operate the door no matter what.  
  • Wind: Summer storms bring high winds that can toss lawn furniture, tree branches and other debris right at your door. Inspect for damage after a storm. Bring lawn furniture, toys, sporting equipment and any other potential hazards into your home when you know a storm is coming. Fasten furniture with bungee cords if you can’t bring it inside.


High temperatures also bring high humidity levels, which can make everything sticky – including your garage door. Humidity could be to blame if your door is operating erratically as it travels along the track. Lubricate your door tracks monthly to prevent this from happening.

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