Garage door rollers are essential pieces of your garage door, as they are the wheels that run along the tracks on either side of the door. They are responsible for the smooth opening and closing of the unit. You may wonder how long your rollers will last. This will depend on the type of garage door rollers you currently have. With proper maintenance, rollers can last between 10 and 20 years.

Other factors will affect the longevity of your rollers as well, such as weather and frequency of use.

What Are Garage Door Rollers Made Of?

Typically, they’re made of plastic, nylon or steel.

  • Steel is the strongest and most durable material but it’s also the most expensive and noisy.
  • Nylon is quieter and less costly but less durable as well.
  • Plastic is the cheapest option and the least durable of all three options. Plastic rollers don’t contain ball bearings, leading to noisy operation and low shelf life.

Will My Garage Door Rollers Wear Out?

Yes, eventually they will. Here are the factors that will cause them to wear out over time:

  • Weather: Metal parts will rust with exposure to excessive rain. Stainless steel resists rust and performs exceptionally well in damp climates.
  • Usage: If your garage door gets a lot of use throughout a typical day, this will detract from the rollers’ lifespan. After so many cycles, the rollers can’t keep up anymore and eventually wear out.
  • Track maintenance: The better you maintain the track, the longer life you will get out of your rollers. Have your garage door inspected regularly and make necessary repairs quickly to catch small problems early on.
  • Track cleaning: Cleaning the tracks regularly will remove debris that can detract from the rollers’ ability to move easily and quietly. Add a lubricant to the tracks if you notice a lot of noise coming from them during operation.

How Often to Replace Garage Door Rollers

Basically, you should simply replace your rollers when they stop working the way they used to. Typical rollers can last between one and two decades, but this will depend on the material. As noted above, you may have to replace plastic rollers well before that.

Not sure if you need new rollers? Try this: disconnect the door from the automatic opener. Manually pull the cord to open and close the door so you can feel the amount of drag. If it’s too much, replace the rollers. If you notice noisy operation as the rollers roll along the track, this may also be a sign of the need for replacement.

When in need of new rollers, always hire a professional garage door technician to replace them. Don’t attempt replacement yourself, as you could install them improperly and cause a safety hazard for your family.

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