While your garage door needs your attention all year long, it needs even more TLC in fall before the winter sets in. With proper autumn maintenance, all that warm air you’re paying for will stay inside and the cold air will stay outside where it belongs. From confirming seals are tight to inspecting for cracks and other damage, keeping your door and its components in tip-top shape will prevent expensive repairs down the line.

Here are five fall garage door maintenance tips:

  • Test the batteries: This should be part of your seasonal maintenance routine for your garage door. Test out the batteries in your door opener and replace them if they are acting sluggish. This will prevent a frustrating garage lockout in the middle of a cold fall or winter day.
  • Check the weather stripping: Because your garage door acts like a barrier between your home and the outside elements, the weather stripping must be in good shape. If not, cold air can easily seep in during the colder months. Check the door’s weather stripping for damage, wear and tear, and any jams that may be appearing along the sides. Check for intact seals at the bottom of your wooden garage door, too. Jammed weather stripping leads to problems with operation, while cracks will allow cold air or moisture to get in. You may need new weather stripping altogether, or a simple adjustment may be all that’s needed.
  • Lubricate components: Proper lubrication will ensure your garage door is functioning properly. Standing inside your garage, open the door then close it. If the overhead door shakes or makes odd noises, you may have to lubricate some of the parts. These can include hatches, rollers, tracks, hinges, pulleys, bearings and torsion springs. Afterwards, check that the drive track is clear and runs along the rails smoothly.
  • Inspect rollers and springs: Disconnect the motor from the power source, taking a closer look at the rollers and springs for damage, wear and tear, and over-stretching. Replace any worn parts, or if they’re just dirty, clean them. At the same time, clean rusty or dirty rollers and springs using steel wool to remove debris buildup or corrosion. Always wipe parts down before you apply lubricant.
  • Check the drive track: Inspect the garage door’s drive track. This is the portion of the door that will guide the door from open to close efficiently and safely. Repetitive use can result in a damaged or obstructed track.  

Taking care of fall maintenance for your garage door doesn’t have to take long, but you will thank yourself for the extra attention to detail later.

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