As a well-known garage door company operating throughout Michigan, we get a lot of questions from our valued customers. We thought it would be helpful to share those questions with you in hopes the answers are helpful.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?

Garage doors seemingly have a mind of their own sometimes, opening or closing halfway or failing to close at all. This could involve a simple fix such as a battery replacement or it could indicate a bigger problem that needs attention from a trained technician. There are many reasons why your garage door is not closing. Here are a few:

  • Transmitter batteries are dead.
  • The photo eyes on either end of the garage entrance are out of alignment.
  • Track is misaligned.
  • Out of range transmitter.
  • An object in the door’s path, such as garbage cans, toys, or even a buildup of debris on the tracks.
  • Limit settings aren’t set properly.
  • Disconnect switch was enabled.
  • Door was manually locked.
  • Broken tension springs or cables.

Aside from changing the batteries in your transmitter or the garage door opener, all other troubleshooting should be done by a trained technician for safety.

Why is My Garage Door Squeaky?

Squeaky and noisy garage doors are a nuisance, but usually there’s a pretty simple fix. Those noises you’re hearing are typically caused by worn rollers, loose hardware, an opener that needs anti-vibration pads, or parts that need to be lubricated. While you can probably take care of lubrication on your own, spraying the hinges, roller bearings and springs, you’ll want to enlist the help of a pro for all the rest. Those tasks may include:

  • Tightening of door and track hardware
  • Checking and replacing worn track rollers and hinges
  • Inspection of garage door opener chain

Why Does My Garage Door Reverse and Go Back Up Once it Hits the Floor?

This can be a maddening situation, especially when you’re trying to leave your house for work and the garage door just won’t stay closed. Leaving it open can be an invitation for burglars, not to mention pests and critters as well as the elements. Here are some possible reasons why this is happening:

  • Something is blocking the threshold. Look closely, as even debris and tiny objects can cause the door’s safety mechanism to kick in and reverse.
  • Your “travel down” setting is out of whack. If your garage door doesn’t go the distance it’s programmed to, it will re-open to prevent damage or cause a safety risk. You’ll need to have this setting adjusted to the new distance, which can get altered even by simple changes in the weather.
  • Your limit switch needs an adjustment. This is similar to the above situation, but this time it’s the opener’s limit switch that determines how far the door is raised or lowered.
  • The logic board is worn. Acting as the brains of your garage door system, the logic board can wear out over time so you may need a replacement.

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